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These are statistics gathered for the following ulog tags: #ulog.
Authors displayed in this article have used above tags at least 5 times in the last 90 days, except for the global statistics.

Global statistics

Number of Steemians who used the ulog tags (no time limit):

  • 5636 Steemians used the tags
  • 3225 Steemians used the tags at least 3 times
  • 2740 Steemians used the tags at least 4 times
  • 2382 Steemians used the tags at least 5 times

Trending posts (by number of comments received) in the last 7 days

#AuthorBlog PostCount
1@daltonoI just surpassed 100,000 SPORTS, and I earned every single one (you can do it too)79
3@surpassinggoogleUlog (Sportstalk) - A Legit Illiterate Speaks Of Messi!!!11
4@dkkarolienSaturday Brunch Time9
5@the-bitcoin-doodULOG: Feeling MEH!8
6@shaman-raRideshare Snags and Red Flags8
7@nickyhaveyHavey’s Australia & New Zealand Adventure Part 13 – Waitangi Treaty Grounds & Whangarei Falls, North Island NZ7
8@nickyhaveyHavey’s Australia & New Zealand Adventure Part 15 – Waitomo Caves & Rotorua, North Island NZ7
9@metzliULOG: Thoughts on Having a Girlfriend6
10@shaman-raArt Video6
11@jaynieSunday Vibes...6
12@nickyhaveyHavey’s Australia & New Zealand Adventure Part 12 – Bay Of Islands & Paihia, North Island NZ5
13@wwwiebeAntique Raspberry Pi Camera5
14@silversaver888Silver Skeleton Key Gift5
15@nickyhavey[Chillout Music] Nicky Havey - Reborn (DSound Exclusive - Coming "Soon")5
16@shaman-raTarot of the Week 18?5
17@syllemULOG 35: Una semana activa5
18@joancabzDate on our day offs😍4
19@metzliULOG: Metzli as the Responsible Home Owner4
20@frostyamber#ULOG 769 - Daily Thoughts - 17 Jul 19 - Homesteading Today...4

Trending posts (by number of timed resteemed) on the week of 2019-07-15 00:00:01

#AuthorBlog PostCount
1@nickyhaveyhaveysaustralianewzealandadventurepart15waitomocavesrotoruanorthislandnz xt3jmpfwbq11
2@eastmaeluntv cup pba legends championship10
3@daltonoi just surpassed 100 000 sports and i earned every single one you can do it too8
4@sportstalkbardiscord sport social talk server6
5@silversaver888menemonday mene24k heart stud earrings4
7@sgbonusulog 141 ma cho temple san fernando la union wednesday walk by tattoodjay4
8@nickyhavey20190719t172555290z deep house nicky havey new dawn blockchain music contest entry3
9@silversaver888california summer colorful blooms part 13
10@nickyhaveyhaveysaustralianewzealandadventurepart15hobbitonkaitunariverraftingnorthislandnz cdnuw6engo3
11@jayniesunday vibes3
12@denissematathanks to life for so much3
13@honoruwherein 15637472750623
14@joetunexactifit joetunex 20190715t180041166z2
15@nickyhavey20190718t215949605z trance music nicky havey perpetual clip one more day dsound premier2
16@nickyhavey20190717t204522807z trance music nicky havey invader clip dsound exclusive2
18@quochuy3ctvve contest rewarding ulog trending post author with smartvote shares2
19@purepinayactifit purepinay 20190715t114729935z2
20@nickyhaveyactifit nickyhavey 20190721t201030175z2

Top 20 Steemians order by engagement on the week of 2019-07-15 00:00:01

1@wafrica354 comments
2@chekohler269 comments
3@roger5120260 comments
4@chireerocks250 comments
5@nickyhavey244 comments
6@shadowspub219 comments
7@brittandjosie210 comments
8@daltono195 comments
9@silversaver888180 comments
10@bengy161 comments
11@hiroyamagishi161 comments
12@hertz300155 comments
13@fitinfun151 comments
14@surpassinggoogle148 comments
15@cryptospa144 comments
16@gillianpearce143 comments
17@akdx138 comments
18@olivia08136 comments
19@derangedvisions128 comments
20@dkkarolien128 comments

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