ULOG Weekly Stats 2019-08-20

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ULOG the log about you!


These are statistics gathered for the following ulog tags: #ulog.
Authors displayed in this article have used above tags at least 5 times in the last 90 days, except for the global statistics.

Global statistics

Number of Steemians who used the ulog tags (no time limit):

  • 5700 Steemians used the tags
  • 3266 Steemians used the tags at least 3 times
  • 2778 Steemians used the tags at least 4 times
  • 2416 Steemians used the tags at least 5 times

Trending posts (by number of comments received) in the last 7 days

#AuthorBlog PostCount
1@phoenixwrenMy Last Day As A 40 Year Old Ulog20
2@iamjadelineUlog 57: Pearl White Coffe19
3@dkkarolienA Manic Monday 15
4@wwwiebeA Haunting in Wiebe House14
5@purepinayIncase You're Wondering What Happened After The Luxurious Spa... 12
6@enforcer48ULog#33: Twilight12
7@dkkarolienSaying goodnight 9
8@purepinayMy Actifit Report Card: August 17 20199
9@shaman-raSo... You Want Bad Art?9
10@thereikiforest😒 It's not ALL Fun & Games in The Forest 🌳9
11@dkkarolienRainy Island Day 9
12@wwwiebeMy Weekend in Pictures8
13@iamjadelineUlog 56: Merry house is back! 🎊🏡8
14@dxnSpring cleaning harddisk7
15@iamjadelineUlog 58: Relaxing Night6
16@purepinayIt's Spa Day At Marco Polo Hotel 6
17@tegosheiCoins for Groceries + Bestie <3 (ULOG Day 123)6
18@leeartULOG: Visit to San Agustin, Isabela6
19@frostyamber#ULOG 797 - Daily Thoughts - 14 Aug 19 - Homesteading Today...6
20@tegosheiCollecting Coins From Different Tribes... <3 (ULOG Day 125)6

Trending posts (by number of timed resteemed) on the week of 2019-08-12 00:00:01

#AuthorBlog PostCount
1@maxdevaluegolden censer challenge 612
2@kjukjui am kjukju i come in peace7
3@zekepicklemanoh those ladders5
4@zekepicklemanzeke s family garden midsummer progress5
5@goldendawneulog 129 pet peeves where are people s work ethics4
6@iamjadelineulog 56 merry house is back4
7@iamjadelineulog 57 pearl white coffe4
8@ankarlieulog goodbye facebook group messaging4
9@chireerocksface of environment is reggae poetry piece dedicated to reggaesteem 75615d497369f3
10@waybeyondpadthaihow to become a certified ulogger3
11@maxwellmarcusartntopaz maxwellmarcusart 1810347540 ntopaz 2019 08 12 13 03 16 artwork none3
12@felixgarciapremember the 5th commandment or or golden censer challenge 53
13@purepinaystop making excuses stay fit3
14@preparedwombatthe long road to recovery3
15@gloriouskidsthe word was made flesh or or golden censer challenge 53
16@ankarlieulog latium opportunity for filipinos3
17@adesojisouljaywhat i ve learnt about marlians and it s concept3
18@thereikiforestactifit thereikiforest 20190815t022115575z2
19@silversaver888beautiful bromeliads2
20@tegosheicoins for groceries bestie 3 ulog day 1232

Top 20 Steemians order by engagement on the week of 2019-08-12 00:00:01

1@brittandjosie335 comments
2@shadowspub302 comments
3@chireerocks298 comments
4@chekohler288 comments
5@wafrica239 comments
6@maxwellmarcusart212 comments
7@gingbabida211 comments
8@nickyhavey169 comments
9@bozz164 comments
10@silversaver888155 comments
11@trudeehunter155 comments
12@olivia08152 comments
13@chrismadcboy2016138 comments
14@ace108136 comments
15@gillianpearce133 comments
16@zekepickleman132 comments
17@cryptospa126 comments
18@akdx125 comments
19@phoenixwren124 comments
20@leeart122 comments

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@quochuy, Thank you so much for your kind mention.

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Sweet top 4 for engagement not too shabby lol @penderis look at you mr too rewards and all

You comment toooooo much. That is a thing you know, should see a doctor. I bet you are someone that comments on youtube videos also aren't you? Lol yeah, mine is a pity vote from curie.

LOL I actually don't comment much on YouTube! I can even tell you the last comment I made it was on a video by Lauren Sothern about White farmers being murdered and I well gave my local opinion and got called an arab and a beaner and I was like if you're going to insult me do it correctly Im a bushman or a hotnot.

It is nice to see belonging to one of the more active participants after a long spell of absence 😂

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