ULOG Weekly Stats 2019-09-09

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ULOG the log about you!


These are statistics gathered for the following ulog tags: #ulog.
Authors displayed in this article have used above tags at least 5 times in the last 90 days, except for the global statistics.

Global statistics

Number of Steemians who used the ulog tags (no time limit):

  • 5733 Steemians used the tags
  • 3288 Steemians used the tags at least 3 times
  • 2795 Steemians used the tags at least 4 times
  • 2432 Steemians used the tags at least 5 times

Trending posts (by number of comments received) in the last 7 days

#AuthorBlog PostCount
1@hlezamaUlog #073 - Kidney Stones in the Worst Moment (with Updated picture of devilish stone)32
2@denissemataA year away from home!😞11
3@phoenixwrenTesting, Testing Ulog7
4@wwwiebeHoley Rusty Metal!7
5@amico[5-year-old baby-girl's masterpiece? 🇮🇹 Capolavoro di una bambina di 5 anni?
(Actifit Report Card: September 3 2019) ](https://steemit.com/@amico/actifit-amico-20190904t135555125z)6
6@amicoMy Actifit Report Card: September 6 20196
7@jadams2k18ULOG: A normal morning in Caracas without Subway service6
8@iyanpol12ULOG: Wedding Anniversary of Two Deaf Friends 6
9@incredibleirahUlog #2: Second Year Starts!5
10@iyanpol12ULOG: Join SoMee - Social Media Redefined5
11@amico[Figs for free! 🇮🇹 Fichi in omaggio!
(Actifit Report Card: September 4 2019) ](https://steemit.com/@amico/actifit-amico-20190905t164750355z)5
12@hertz300【7000 steps】Draw a cup,今晚心血来潮画了幅画。5
13@syllemYoga Conferencia - Una experiencia interesante5
15@denissemataWonderful gifts.😍🎂5
16@dkkarolienHome sweet home 4
17@mytechtrailDaily flower 4
19@dkkarolienMy daily post..still no internet 4
20@rocksgCosmic Fire Logo Animation Created For Esteem Logo4

Trending posts (by number of timed resteemed) on the week of 2019-09-02 00:00:01

#AuthorBlog PostCount
1@maxdevaluegolden censer challenge 914
2@surpassinggooglegrow your marlians stake one contest at a time submit us a simple video we have provided a script prize 300 marlians stake14
3@hlezamaulog 073 or kidney stones in the worst moment9
4@jaynieroute 44 adventures5
5@surpassinggooglesubmit your sports related ulogs in the comments get 100 sports upvotes from marlians sports over a period of 7 days plus4
6@gloriouskidschildren praying and voting for phase 2 telos wp3
7@sgbonustasteem 5594533
10@amicoactifit amico 20190906t202224019z2
11@thereikiforestactifit thereikiforest 20190907t035909676z2
12@hooppresshow good was ben wallace actually or hoop press2
13@felixgarciapmy entry to goldencenser challenge 92
14@wwwiebenew bike trail with crappy camera2
15@ylike7photography pj5jcuxp2
17@enforcer48ulog 34 moving on2
18@jadams2k18ulog a normal morning in caracas without subway service2
19@ankarlieulog started to build my rig for blockchain gaming2
20@maxdevaluewinners of steemchurch golden censer challenge 82

Top 20 Steemians order by engagement on the week of 2019-09-02 00:00:01

1@chireerocks323 comments
2@brittandjosie230 comments
3@silversaver888224 comments
4@ahmadmanga217 comments
5@chekohler215 comments
6@wafrica198 comments
7@bengy170 comments
8@maxwellmarcusart167 comments
9@wwwiebe148 comments
10@cryptospa139 comments
11@amico132 comments
12@surpassinggoogle119 comments
13@bozz118 comments
14@hiroyamagishi112 comments
15@dfinney108 comments
16@roger5120104 comments
17@ace10899 comments
18@chrisrice98 comments
19@simplymike93 comments
20@fullcoverbetting89 comments

Last payout statistics

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