#Ulog1 : Hardwork! Hardwork

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When I am a school kid. I am thinking how is my life after I graduated from schooling. What should I do? Look for work and help my parents, thats the first things that comes to my mind. And then years has past and here I am. Working in Jollibee as a service crew. I am working here since 2019. At first I think it is easy and time goes by . Its going to be hard. Working is not easy. Sometimes I sleepless because of our schedule. Sometimes I am closing shift and the next day opening shift. I was so tired all day .
There was time that I felt giving up. Because I was so tired. But in the other hand. I am thinking I will never giveup because this is for my family. Eventhough I was so sleepless and tired everyday. My family give me strenght to continue. Also by the help of God by giving me energy everday and thanks for another day that he gave me.
This is my first vlog in this year 2020. Hope that you read my vlog and support my vlog. Thank you guys. Hope that I will write more vlogs about my life. Thanks for dropping by.
Thanks for @hr1 for supporting my blogs

Your fellow steemian,

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