Ulogs - Everything About This Form Of Content. Part One!!! (This Is A Draft. It Will Be Edited As My Health Restores)


Ulogs is a fresh concept and needs some explaining, so this publication will contain alot in content, covering histories, stories, drafts and the very evolution and context covering the concept called 'ulog'. Due to my frail state of health, i will return to edit this publication over the course of time, till it sufficient explains the grandness of our vision. Ulogs is for everyone, so please feel free to read this, even in its draft-state, to gain insight into this giant movement. You play a role.

Let the world know of “<>ULOG”.

Semi-Fun Facts

 This post is also a Ulogacy. I will love it to be read by "everyone".

Quick History

The process leading up to the creation of Ulogs.org started many, many years ago. It involved stories and histories. 

The major-major paradigm behind ulogs.org is “Surpassing Google”. See an excerpt of what SurpassingGoogle is in this video:

Then, please take a close look at some of the other paradigms, that went into the conception of the entire '#ulog movement' and project ulogs.org (below):

<>ULOG: See How Many Various Paradigms Can Be Coded In Simple-Looking Steemit Post, To Understand How Much Goes Into A Steem-Based Project.

#ulog is an entire curriculum; “an entire movement and it can adjust the world”.

“We can’t change the world. We can adjust it.” @surpassinggoogle

The actual drafting of Ulogs.org started on this very paper. See image below:

Image of the envelop paper

I don’t sleep. I haven’t slept for several years. Then, one night in my period of “agonized rest”, the insight arrived; “Terry, this is among it!!! There are dates now!!! Go and implement ulog(s)”.

Then, the entire model for what will now constitute “ulogs.org” started to play out in my head. “Ulog” was the particular word and yes, “words” still rule the world.

To up-build this model into levels of spanlessness, by means of unadulterated feedback from our loving community of steemians, the '#ulog movement' began on the steem blockchain.

#ulog became the hashtag for ulogs, on steem

We were to create one hashtag on the steem ecosystem, that could timely-ly bring about balance to steem. We wanted one hashtag that could remove “all barriers to entry” from content-creation, content-curation, steem-promo etc We wanted one hashtag that could allow “every(any)one” in. We wanted to know if this was possible. We wanted to know if it was organically possible. These among other things!

#ulog was to play this all out.

In the grand scheme of things, we were going to create a “simple innovation”, that is fun, fresh, easy-to-apply, appealing, possessing of a mainstreamity-factor; a simple innovation that explores the full extent of steem’s beauty; can integrate every existing enterprise, trend, hashtag or project and one that puts the steem blockchain to more testimonial, historical-history-like use, in bringing about real world adjustment. 

We wanted a very simple innovation, that will help the steem blockchain attain the full expanse of its beauty, highlighting it as something beyond just another fade-able tech.

We wanted a very simple innovation that unveils humans in its true beauty, creating a world joint in its mentality, a world of “true celebrities”, a world where “humanity is the brother next to you”.

We want to create a world, united by one very simple art; “the art of ulogging”.

A Ulog thus, is a kind of content that is freshly-created in its entirety by “You”, drawn solely from the events in a particular day, without resourcing from the Internet.

The "U" in Ulog = You

A Ulog can cover “everything that constitutes you”, drawn from “each day”. This can involve experiences, learning, moments, shower-thoughts, dreams, new knowledge etc

See these videos:


While carrying out the fun art of ulogging, there should be a conscious inclination to “mine the human” into its awesomest version. Thus, a ulog should gift content to the internet (per day), in-order to reshape it, instead of resource from it or recycle it. 

A ulog thus, can contain any form of media (including blogs and vlogs) but should be freshly-created by “YOU”, solely from the events within (each day).

dynamic and a very-daily affair

So, your Ulog about “how to fly” created yesterday, should be different from your ulog about “how to fly” created today; as "each day and “you” in it, carries its own freshness".

This way, in the simple fun art of ulogging, we encode our ulogacies into “existing concepts”, trends, enterprises, innovation, topics etc, serve the search engines and spaces with these fresh pieces, making us “true celebrities” as the world begins to hear from us.

e.g When creating ulog-quotes, you will need to create the imagery or graphics and text for your quote, solely out of events, experiences, feelings, sentiments, moments (drawn from a particular day)

Ulogging can be more powerful as a “daily endeavor”. (A Ulog also indicates "daily")

 See samples of some ulog-quotes below: 


(Note that #ulog-quotes is a ulog-subtag, which we will discuss later in this post). 

As simple as the art of ulogging looks, it holds sway in bringing about real-world adjustment. How so? By adopting the fun art of ulogging daily....

  • we “mine the human” further into its awesomest version (true celebrity-hood); 
  • attain a base of “true fans”; leave our ulogacies in every space; 
  • “create new wells-of-knowledge”; 
  • take or re-take ownership of our “cookies”; 
  • tap into new shine or re-tap into lost shine;
  • we can reshape the entire internet, serving it with “fresh pieces of us” daily 
  • etc
We can even create a new internet! (Imagine having a searchable decentralized database reposing every ulogger’s creation, spanning over every possible niche, refreshed dynamically (per day). Also imagine a ulog-based URL-resource resulting organically in the search engines, for every possible search query. Imagine ulog-.........................................................................NTH) 

 But who wants to hear of YOU? (you may ask)

 Well, at the very-very least, “you can listen to yourself”. Nevertheless, when it comes to ulogs.org; it is “true celebrity-hood for “everyone”, once and for all.

You are the celebrity. “We are your fans”. (Ulogs.org being your ultimate “true fan”).

But there is more…. 

the world and generations and generations yet unborn long to hear about you and these things aren’t told enough.

Yes, if you look more intently, the paradigms in the world are indeed shifting base. Evolution in tech, in fiction etc are attaining a cap. What more can the world produce? Human robots? We have seen this! Crypto-kitties, pokemon, black panther? We have seen this! Blacky the millionaire cat or Pompey the Billionaire rooster? Not news!

"When you have seen many things, many things become ordinary”. (A ulog-quote by @surpassinggoogle).

"The world which has been forever painted, is beginning to lose its paint". (Another ulog-quote by @surpassinggoogle

"People > Money". (A ulog-quote by @meno)

"Even money is losing its hold on people. It is becoming virtual". (Yet another ulog-quote by @surpassinggoogle).

Yes now, more than once was the case and with the advent and presence of the steem blockchain etc, we have a more public CCTV into the true state of the world. 

With "knowledge" now opener even to the legit illiterates, courtesy of an opener ledger of INTEL (the steem blockchain), “human” (even in the midst of its flaws) is beginning to gain more value.  

While we can replay every existing tech all over again and evolve fiction once more and perhaps to newer heights on the steem blockchain, some un(dis)talented mind or legit illiterate can now also pop up and decide to replay every existing “human”. (Ulogs.org and #ulog comes in, to do just that)

The world is shifting its attention back down-to-earth and now moreso than ever, with the growth of blockchain technology and in this case the steem blockchain.

Very yes!

There is a more-more love in air from “humans” for “humans” as blockchain and its transparent nature is removing some of the paint from a “painted world”. @surpassinggoogle

And yes, we can manage to recycle every existing tech and replay these on the steem blockchain or we can play a role in historical-history, taking the more testimonial harder route, exploring the full extent of steem’s beauty, courtesy of man’s own beauty.

Here then, comes a solid need for https://ulogs.org

Using a very simple innovation and courtesy of the amazing capabilities that the steem blockchain provides, we want to celebrate each human, whether “bulls or bears”.

Plus, there is a rarity in the “great-men” industry and we want to adjust that by means of ulogs.org, emanating “true celebrities” (Uloggers) 

Beautiful Disruption!

In truth, there is still not one social space (online) on Mama Earth, were you can go on, to become “true celebrity”, have a base of “true fans” and meet with other true celebrities. 

Ulogs.org sought to be the one!

(There is still a stark rarity in the “true-celebrities” industry).

Ulogs.org: A blockchain-based social network where everyone can create ULOGS, become "true celebrity" (ULOGGERS), have a community of "true fans" and earn a variety of rewards and the currency called "steem".

On ulogs.org,  True Celebrities = True Fans + O; where letter "O" equals loop 

In our paradigm, we will add English into the Math, removing all barriers to entry and putting “every(any)one” into the equation.

In a painted world where crypto-kitties, superman, pokemon etc can boast more fans that “humans”, we want to, together, by means of the #ulog movement create more appeal for “human”. These among other things! We want to return value to humans

To accomplish this, can be as simple as introducing the simple, fun art of #ulogging into the world.

If the world can as simply as adopt the word “ulog” as they have “blog” and “vlog”, we are closest to “something”. If the dictionaries take in this word and the wiki(s) too and the smart keyboards, AI, search engines etc start to suggest this word, then “ulog” is on to something.

So our vi-mission (ulogs.org) can be as simple/pinpoint as; “let the world know of ulogs”. 

“That simple!”

Reference also this post:  ULOG: See How Many Various Paradigms Can  Be Coded In Simple-Looking Steemit Post, To Understand How Much Goes  Into A Steem-Based Project.

 “Humans” are just special. We do forget much of “human” though! Yes, we don’t get to “mine much of it”.

In some cases, we enter into “outer-space” altogether and in other cases, our very shine is pummeled into redundancy within us, moving us “inside tunnels”.

curriculums of the world mines brain ta

However, we are here to celebrate you at ulogs.org. We are here to incite and re-incite you to tap into your shine or re-tap into lost shine and if you are in outer-space, “let’s come back down-to-earth”.

Yes, you are valuable. Made in Jehovah’s image and intensely valuable but we must know these things deeply-rootedly and in some cases, we must be reminded of these things incessantly, that our very cores begin to become these things.

Then even the smaller things e.g “money” etc will seek out our very frequency and the world of opportunities will pay us “attention”; then, the very world will form a longing for your ulogs, becoming “true fans”.

We have the capacity for certain “human” virtues by default. In the face of “the complexity” that curriculum(s) of the painted world pose, many default aspects of “human” begins to enter “relegation”. In the end, we actually turn out half-human. @surpassinggoogle

In a supposed world of “humans”, where many turn out “half-humans, there turns out an imbalance. This needs adjusting. This it is, that needs adjusting. @surpassinggoogle

If we can create a world where everyone is a giver, then everyone suddenly becomes a receiver. @surpassinggoogle

If we can create a world where everyone is “true celebrity”, then everyone suddenly becomes “true fans” too. @ulogs


Half-humanism exists. This is actually where imbalance stems. @surpassinggoogle 

If we can apply the steem blockchain to use, in bringing about “balance” in this regard, we will have used “a tech” to accomplish historical-history. “Great!”.

The steem blockchain can enter the realm of “great”, courtesy of the beauty of the “humans” that it hosts.

This is true. This is where ulogs.org a steem-based social interface comes in!

Google, Facebook etc have valued even “your cookies”. (Cementing further that “humans” are beautiful and perhaps, more empowered/empowering, when we are rest-assured of our beauty.)

While you emanate these “cookies” and lay them bare (even obliviously), without much conscious regard for these tiny elements; these enterprises (Google, Facebook etc) have pick them up, analyzed them, explored them, owned them etc and with these very cookies, they have created financial wealth. 

Besides creating wealth, they can sway you. Why? Your very substance are in those cookies! 

Note also, that this is where their seeming superpower-hood stems. They have come to know about us perhaps more than we have come to know of ourselves, by virtue of our cookies.

In the simple art of ulogging, we will take or re-take ownership of our cookies. On ulogs.org, we will celebrate you and your very cookies.

This way, “even money” (the smaller things), will seek out out our very frequency. The world of opportunities, will begin to pay “you” attention.

Ulogs.org implores “everyone” thus, to join in the simple fun art of ulogging today, becoming uloggers on ulogs.org

Today, we announce (Alpha Version) for use.

Ulogs.org is modeled to incite us to “mine the human” into its awesomest version. By means of the fun art of ulogging, we will re-own our cookies. We will know these cookies and reap of its value in the form of steem and a variety of rewards, but there is more……..; by means of our ulogacies, we will share each ounce of our newly-discovered “shine” with the entire globe, creating historical history.  

Then, we will begin to fill the spaces with our lights. Even tunnels will find light as a result. Not any longer, do any in “tunnels” need to wait till the “end of the tunnel” to find light, for there is now “light inside the tunnel”

See this short video:



As we begin to own our very cookies, we will level-up and leave the zone of human-humanism and proceed into the realm of full-blown human, and that particular feeling on its own puts us in fly-state, “true celebrityhood” and in the realm of “great”. @surpassinggoogle

In the world called “great”, many things including “money” are the smaller things. "Nations become locations"; "competition" relinquishes etc because there is “balance”. @surpassingggoogle

Ulogs.org will take cognizance of “every human” and celebrate each human, for the sole, lonely fact that you are “human”.

Fictional superman shouldn’t have more human fans than humans. Blacky the rich cat, shouldn’t either.

Plus, if there is any populace inside tunnels, “lights” we will take therein. Yes, no longer should any have to wait “till the end of the tunnel”, for light can go right inside the tunnel. 

Upon the advent of the SMT protocol, we will apply the use of the @teardrops SMT as a “breakthrough token” to celebrate each human.

Note: the teardrops SMT is a digital currency that will be used among uloggers and on (ulogs.org). While still in its imaginary state, the teardrops token is already being exchanged. 
talk about teardops more and more articles

On the steem blockchain side of things, courtesy of our shine, the steem blockchain should find its shine. As we creating ulogs daily and enjoy the fun, “difficult as 1, 2, 3" art of ulogging at least once a day, steeming will become a valuable reason to truly grow in our human

Too, we will manage to create freshly-made plagiarism-free content that will draw-in curators as “true fans” and opportunities and investors alike.

See the thoughts of a "private figure" & certified ulogger in this short video:


We will cover all the pros in the later part of this video.

 Quick Stats (Drawn from "4 months" after the inception of #ulog)

  • 5197 steemians have used the hashtag
  • 45k posts authored under #ulog
  • 179k comments authored under #ulog 

What is a Ulog?

Before the advent of ulog, blog or vlog, people have ulogged. 

every can ulog, not everyone can blog or vlog. why?


Directly or indirectly, we have all carried out the art of ulogging. While much of this ulogging hasn’t been documented; as the world begins to become aware of “ulog” and take cognizance of it, we will have many more ulogs. 

As there emanates uloggers globally who ulog incessantly, “ulogs” will fill the spaces and the world will begin to document its ulogs too.

With more documentation of “human”, “human” begins to beget more value. 

And with the existence of an open decentralized ledger in form of the steem blockchain, now is the time for “everyone” to take on ulogging. Read more about the steem blockchain here (a post by @timcliff)

The “U” in Ulog stands for “you”.

A “ulog” is a form of content created freshly by “YOU” per day, without resourcing from the Internet. 

Basically, a ulog should not have existed anywhere online, before it was created because it was born out of “the you” in each day.

A ulog is best done once a day, as a means to consciously evolve (mine the human), recounting your entire day.

However, ulogs can be done as many times as desired over the course of each day, under a variety of ulog-subtags or niche-based

Ultimately, when you add #ulog to any existing concept etc an existing concept suddenly turns out all fresh. Thus, to make ulogging more fun and simple, we also have ulog-subtags. 

For instance, ulogifs are different from GIFs. While a GIF can easily be resourced from the internet and be re-used or in some cases be a modified version of an existing GIF; a uloGIF that is created (by you) today, shouldn’t have existed on the entire internet yesterday because it was “freshly-created” using video sceneries (innovated by you) and sentiments, thoughts, ideas etc (text), drawn from “your today”.

See excerpts below from https://ulogs.org/created/ulogifs:

Yes, ulogging can be as fun & simple as creating your very own #ulogifs (per day). With your #ulogifs, not a day passes by without your Ulogacies in it.

In the art of ulogging, we want to "mine the human". We also want to "gift to the internet" instead of "resource from it" at least once a day, in a bid to reshape the very internet. 

So, be inventive, "YOU", "true celebrity" etc by creating your very own #ulogifs, solely out of your "freshly-created" images, graphics, videos and text (per day).

"GIFs plus your Ulogacies become SuperGIFs". @surpassinggoogle

Note that there is a wide variety of ulog-subtags and you can create yours too. (We will explain this further in the later part of this post).

Special note: A ulog or the art of ulogging doesn’t deter “privacy” which is a core aspect of steem. A ulogger can be a “private figure” or “public figure”. In general, if the steem account of a ulogger is “private”, there is every tendency that the ulog will be private too. 

A private figure (ulogger) can always ulog using only "text" if desired. They can also use imagery, videos, podcasts etc that they have created, which exempts their face. They can also ulog using an undertone or in the voice of a “third person” etc

See a ulog video done by a private figure n the person of @dreemsteem:

See a ulog post done by a private figure in the person of @mermaidvampire:

One beauty of “ulogging” is; not any longer does “a private figure” on steemit have to miss out entirely on “opportunities”. 

Ulogs are bound to shine “you” forth, whether we are private or public and this draws people and the "world of opportunities" in. (We will touch on this further in the later part of this post, when we speak of some of “the opportunities” that ulogs.org can cater to)

Again, you can read about how many paradigms went into creation of concept of ulogs.  

What is Ulogging?

Ulogging is the simple, fun art of creating Ulogs. 

You can carry out ulogging daily, using steemit.com, busy.org etc however, we recommend the use of https://ulogs.org 

As covered in the earlier part of this post, ulogging can be done under the more popular “#ulog” or can be niche-based under #ulog-subtags

If you are ulogging under a ulog-subtag however, make sure to always use the more popular #ulog as the first hashtag and the ulog-subtag as the second hashtag. This will help “true fans” of “#ulog” to find your ulogs and will make your ulogs appear on ulogs.org, the home for ulogs.

e.g if you wanted to ulog about "how blocktrades can expand base in every continent", you can create this post, using the tag-template: #ulog, #ulog-blocktrades, etc
e.g if you desire to ulog about “how circumstances in your day, prevented you from finishing an art”, you can create your ulog, using the tag-template #ulog, #ulog-unfinishedarts etc 

We have strted specailzied editors fr some popular ulog-subtags. using these editors will guid.

Over the course of time, these will become earnable perks.

Show scrrrenshots.

Note also that ulogs.org has a separate tab in your profile, which forms a repository for your Ulogs, distinguishing them from your blogs.  

This tab is called “My Ulogs” and it takes cognizance of your posts that have “#ulog” as the first hashtag.

See image:

(This is another reason to use “#ulog” as your first hashtag, even when you are ulogging under a #ulog-subtag

What Is A Ulogacy?

Ulogging indicates “a daily affair”. While a ulog can appear like simple fun posts, each of these simple-looking posts contains “you”, your very elements”, your unspoken sentiments, your definition, your cookies, even your legacy.

If we speak "our legacy" (per day) into our ulogs, the world will soon hear of many ulogacies.

A world with many ulogacies is a fresher world. More lights, more shine, more brothers!

A once "ordinary blog", can become a super-blog by infusing a ulogacy into it.

"GIFs plus your Ulogacies become SuperGIFs". @surpassinggoogle

"Memes plus your Ulogacies become SuperMemes". @surpassinggoogle 


See samples of Ulogacies from several certified Uloggers: 


Some video ulogacies:

by sunnylife

by bloghound

What are Ulog-subtags? 

Did you know we can refresh every existing hashtag, enterprsie, trend, rpojeec, community etc and birth new ones. When you add #ulog to any existing concept etc an existing concept suddenly turns out all fresh.

A ulog-subtag is simply a fusion between "Ulog and a Hashtag"


A ulog-subtag is a ulog-based hashtag

While a full-blown ulog is best created "once a day", to recount the day and consciously "evolve" as a human; a ulog-subtag allows you to post a ulog as many times as you desire each day

It keeps ulogging at least once a day, "very possible", simple & fun, while keeping all the “mining the human” elements that a Ulog should have. 

It incentives new creations, new innovations, fresh trends, fresh niches fresh communities and growth.   

As reiterated earlier, when you add #ulog or “ulog” to any existing hashtag, an existing hashtag suddenly turns out fresh.

In the grand picture, ulog-subtags aren’t mere "hashtags"

These ulog-subtags will emanate fresh ulog-based communities too and build about “fresh noble dreams”. 

For steem as a blockchain to enter the realm of “great” among techs, it should be able to emanate freshly-created innovation too. The existence of ulog-subtags, will organically help in this regard. 

There are other valuable use-cases for ulog-subtags. Below are a few:

  • ulog-subtags will emanate a variety of ways to further "mine the human" e.g #ulog-iforgave #ulog-resolutions #ulog-iselfcontrolled #ulog-swag etc
  • ulog-subtags wil bear forth ulog-communities
  • ulog-subtags can be used to add a "school of life" paradigm to normal activities e.g #ulog-macrohard can be used to add "swag" into the art of coding (programming).
  • ulog-subtags will create a breed of content (under every niche) that is curate-able by "everyone", regardless of the curator's knowhow e.g #ulog-utopian, #ulog-witnesses etc will stir a breed of content under the "tech niche" that "everyone" can read, understand and curate.
  • ulog-subtags will stir content under "every niche" that is plagiarism-free.
  • ulog-subtags will be used to incite "in
  • ulog-subtags will be used to "create new trends" and emanate a ulog-resource (URL) for every existing world trend.
  • ulog-subtags will be used to dynamically emanate a "variety of fun ulogging activities".
  • ulog-subtags will help create Ulog-KnowledgeBase, a major segment of https://ulogs.org/ulogging that accepts and incentivizes ulogging contributions born solely out of "your experience" per day. 
  • ulog-subtags will help create Ulog-FanLove, a major segment of https://ulogs.org/ulogging that enables us to be "true fans" of projects, communities, uloggers, steemians etc by using your ulogging to emulate, show gratitude, learn about, write  about, share moments with etc (per day). 
  • ulog-subtags will form the basis for an eventual ulogs.org game app.
  • etc

Reference the URL below for further insight into the potential "organic global impact" of ulog-subtags:

  • Can #ulogging And ulogs.org Reshape The  Entire Internet? What If We Re-fresh Every Existing Hashtag, Birthing  Fresh Ulog-Based Hashtags?

The concept of “ulog” as simple as it looks, stirs attention. There is evidence of this, even here on steem. Much growth has happened organically on #ulog since its inception, without any real promotion and even with the price of steem at a low. (In the first 4 months, some 5197 steemians used #ulog). 

Many have already popped the question, "what is a ulog?"

"Ulog" has the potential for very-global attention as well. A major reason for the selection of the name “ulog” is its mainstreamity potential, not only as a strikingly familiar word (in relation to already-renown, words like “blog or "vlog") but also its newness as a niche on the entire web.

Please reference this post: ULOG: See How Many Various Paradigms Can Be  Coded In Simple-Looking Steemit Post, To Understand How Much Goes Into A  Steem-Based Project.

Note that #ulog has the potential to stir a global trend. The world is beginning to seek "an internet of humans". See this post by Wizardave:

Other related-words that are easy-on-the-mouth and easy-to-spread are; "uloggers, ulogging, ulogacy, ulography etc"

It is evident that, ulog-subtags can stir trends (on their own) too! Take a look at these videos below, done by some "certified uloggers" under #ulog-mamas:

by shirleynpenalosa

In the search engines, we have already created an entire space for "ulogs". Our domain 'ulogs.org' already appear on the first page of google for the word 'ulogs'.

No longer should google etc, need to suggest, "did you mean vlog" or "did you mean blog", whenever someone types in the word "ulog" whether consciously or in error (in the search engines) because "we now have ulog".

As we begin to emanate ulog-subtags for popular steem tags and known trends & hashtags worldwide, we will create an indispensable movement and an eventual undispute-able use-case for blockchain and digital currency etc

Besides, we will bear forth "brothers", great men, "true celebrities".

Note that uloggers can create their own ulog-subtags as well. On ulogs.org we will look to empowr these ones and build ulog-communities

Internet users, steemians, humans etc long for a space to call their own

For insatnac, egardless of the notion that many seek steemit.com for the rewards; many seek steemit for its other amazing facets too.

Users do want to have a feeling of ownership or perhaps, experience“privacy” etc and is reason(s) why they are on steem.

Some simply want to own a blog, a profile, build a community or build a dream. Some want a sandbox to play their dreams out in and out into fruition or to keep their dreams alive in dream-bits.

On ulogs.org, we pay attention to “human”. This has helped us take cognizance of “every(any)one”.

While there is a renown notion, that some nations are developed and some are developing or under-developed, we simply say; “Nations are locations”

Your are the celebrity. We are your fans.

Thus, "certified uloggers" can create also create their "ulog-subtags" and be owners of it. They can oversee these spaces on ulogs.org, bear forth an eventual ulog-community as a result as we provide them with tools and "influence" to autonomously grow these spaces.

Overall, the beautiful possibility of adding freshness and bringing incessant light and power to any existing enterprise, trend, hashtag, innovation etc by simply adding “#ulog” to it; is a grand possibility and a reason for creating ulog-subtags.

Speaking of "being able to re-fresh every hashtag in existence and adding more testimonial power to these hashtags, by simple adding "ulog" to them, kindly look at the valid logic(s) below


To Be Continued.....

Kindly vote the 'steemgigs' witness. You vote is so valued.

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Great vision for Steem and the internet world. Was there when this project was on a test. I'm still awaiting it's grandeur launch. Thank God for you @Surpassinggoogle for staying strong. God help you recover fast.

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Great job @surpassinggoogle and all the members of the team that put this all together from the beginning till date.

The idea of ulogs is unique in the sense that it is all natural. It's about you! You don't have to pretend to be less or more than who you really are; you do not have to look for a draft to post your content, you do not get intimidated by another ulogger's content...
It's all about you, your vision, your goals, your favorites, your dislikes, your daily experiences, your fears and your joy, etc. Ulog is here to stay!

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