Date With My Mama at Max's Restaurant <3 (ULOG Day 122)

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Hey guys! ^^
In this post, I'll be sharing my experience dining at Max's Restaurant with my mother. <3

In my previous ULOG Day 121, I showed you around a mall called Robinson's Galleria here in Cebu. At night that day, I and mama had dinner in one of the restaurants there. And that restaurant is called Max's Restaurant.

This restaurant is a Philippine-based restaurant chain known for its fried chicken, but they also serve other Filipino foods. To be honest, it was my and my mama's first time to dine in the same restaurant even though it has been in the Philippines for quite some time. At first, we usually refuse to go to such places because of the budget (lol), but recently, we have been trying out similar places in order to explore the food there. It's like a research for mama since she loves cooking. ;)

As mentioned, Max's has been in the Philippines for a long time. And with the staff's permission, I was able to take some photos. Here's a brief history of the said restaurant.

It was early evening when we went there, so there wasn't a lot of people yet. And as I've mentioned in my previous ULOG, this mall isn't as crowded as others and also we went there on a weekday, so it was calm and very relaxing.

I really like these chicken designs on the wall. It's like the rooster is going after the hen. lol... Is it springtime for them? Cuuuute~!!!

Mama and I chose to eat at the corner table beside the glass wall. The seats were very comfy and the ambience seem fine. Because of the atmosphere in the restaurant and the very friendly staff, we were able to enjoy the delicious food much better. Speaking of food, let me show you what we ordered below.

I ordered this one. It's their basic meal which consists of rice, chicken and a caramel bar for dessert. The chicken was so delicious. Max's distinct flavor seeped through the chicken meat and I just enjoyed everything. At first I thought I won't finish it since it was quite large, but I did. lol

I also ordered mushroom soup. It was fantastic! I really enjoyed it as well. <3

As or mama, she ordered this fish fillet. For someone who loves to critic food, she actually enjoyed it. She mentioned that the texture and the flavor were exemplary. She didn't like how huge the bell pepper were, though. She doesn't like them.. haha.

Well, we were on a budget and some of the cheapest dishes were still a bit pricier than other places. Despite that, it was all worth it as the food was awesome! Let me show you the aftermath... xD

I wanna eat there again. :) Next time, with both mama and papa. <3 It would be awesome to try their other dishes as well. Ohh, this restaurant also offers some takeaway desserts or Filipino sweets, let me show you some pictures.

They were all enticing. However, we only bought Polvoron (cookies and cream and pinipig). It was so delish as well. It's a bit pricey compared with other Polvoron, but the consistency and the flavor was so great! It has become my favorite polvoron so far. Previously, it was the one from Red Ribbon (a cake and pastry shop in the Philippines).

After buying them, we decided to head home. We were very full, so we decided to burn some of the calories by walking to the bus station. Actually, we can just wait for the bus in the bus stop near the mall, but we were too full. hahaha... The station was only more than a kilometer away and it was already early evening, so it was cooler outside. Let me show you our route which I screenshotted from Google Map.

The bus station is beside SM City Cebu, another big mall in my area. So I took some pictures of the station while waiting for the bus.

We arrived home in around an hour. It was a fun and interesting bonding with my mama. I hope to do it again soon. :) Papa should go with us next time, too. However, he doesn't really like just hanging out unless it's planned out like going to movies or other stuff. For my date with mama, it was all unplanned. We just wanted to kill time because there was no electricity at home that time. lol The electricity line was finally fixed and became stable yesterday, so I'll be starting my classes soon. It's work work work days for me again.

Thanks for checking out this post. Have a great one!

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One of my favorite restaurants 😁.

Lami jud ug chicken ang Max's. Mas ganahan sad ko sa ila options kesa sa Sunburst. Pero #1 gihapon sa ako heart si Jollibee. 😁

Kato pami ka-try ni mama... ky gkapoi na balik sa Jollibee sa taas, nya duol rman sa exit pd para lakaw sa MyBus.. haha

lami mnpd ang Sunburst.. bet pd naq ang Chinese style sa Chowking te.. lami kaayo tilukon ang sa bukog dapit...

aww.. loyalista jud sa Jobee oii~ hihi

Lami sad ang manok sa Orange bRutus bahalag ga daghan harina hahahaha

LOL~!!! Adto nlng ta sa Sanciangko or Gerry's sa may San Carlos.... Adto pd ta sa Chinese Ngohiong og Arcangel og sa Yellow Cab nga naai steamed rice with free rice! hahaha xD