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I have seen the first signs of autumn in the past few days. This past Friday, the high temperature was 95⁰ F (35⁰ C). Overnight, a strong breeze started blowing as a weather front came through, and the high temperature on Saturday was only 65⁰ F (19⁰ C) with overcast skies and drizzling rain off-and-on all day. For a 24-hour period, that is a big drop in temperature!

And now, two days later, I am beginning to see a few leaves, here-and-there, only on the most early-changing trees and bushes, beginning to show a little result. Of course, the more stalwart trees like the oaks, hickories, and other hardwoods are still just as green as ever.


I have always loved autumn, but the cold weather that follows is more difficult for me to handle every year that I get older. I was never really a fan of winter weather, but it was certainly easier to tolerate in my younger days. I would be thrilled with year-round temperatures that are typical for springtime or autumn, with lows in the 50s or 60s, Fahrenheit, and highs in the 70s or 80s (that would in the Celsius range of 11⁰ C to 30⁰ C). Does anyone know of such a place? 😁

What's the weather like where you live, and do you enjoy it?



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A bit later there than here. Yeah, I live in such a place with a moderate climate. Still, those 11-30 you are looking for are a bit north from here in the summer. Central Europe, maybe. Or the North of USA...

Ahhh autumn. In spite of having only summer & rainy seasons, I like autumn. Our weather is like summer all year round from where I am. Hotter in summer months though. Heavy rains during rainy season. Floods in some areas. Can't imagine what winter is like as it doesn't get that cold here. 😊😊

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I know your feelings... Fall season os very beautiful and generous but cold weather, rain and wind, and short days... The more we will be happy to meet a spring :)

Stay warm and have a nice day! ☀️

A 30-degree difference? Yup... sounds like here too!
I love autumn... the cooler temps, the beauty of the trees... so wonderful!

Yes, a place like that does exist...years ago before global warming came. Cameron Highlands of Malaysia, you get cool weather all day every day, and when you had enough, you can come down to get some heat :)

But yeah, that's the past...I haven't went there for quite some years but it's generally hotter these days. I don't like winter as well, it's just too cold. Would be the best if it's naturally cool like autumn :)

Bermuda! I think that it has almost perfect temperatures all the time! Of course, Washington, DC has great weather too, but, more shift in temps, but, it is in a banana belt, so warmer than out surrounding areas!

Your photos are lovely!

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