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Oh no, it's not about me and sport but all about the money.
We, my daughter and I, deal with an employer not willing to lay, not admitting there's no money, bills, taxes and simple costs for living. I am not going to feel pity with the employer which I know very well because of the Coronavirus since this started three years earlier. If you cannot afford to pay to say so and the employee can decide to work for free or move on. The knowledge of a mom paying rent, gas, and electricity, taxes, water bill, etc and buying food did not make this situation any better. This will break (up) our small family.
It's a nasty feeling to be abused for so many years and even said no to jobs because of this lousy unpaid job.

So what is the plan?

  • I am going to pay less a month for the gas and electricity bill.
  • Hopefully, I will do two months with the petrol/gas I still have.
  • We need to spend less somehow on food and 🤔
  • I will push that employer weekly and ask for money.
  • We set priorities what to pay first. The rent will be paid last of all let's hope there's enough money to pay for it.

My eldest says in Belgium all car tests are cancelled. Let's hope they do the same here. It saves me money for the time being.

There are new restrictions in the Netherlands.

I guess it's the same as in Belgium.

  • In supermarkets 1 person/10m2
  • Three or more and you get billed, outside on the street and it counts for guests in your house too.
  • Keeping distance 1.5 meter (includes your own home)
  • Restaurants, bars, etc closed
  • No school examinations

It's something I can live with.

Good to know
Most people in hospital have the age 55-59.
I guess soon 55+ has to stay home too.

I think, hope, tomorrow is the last day I go to the shop.
I need food for the wolves. Hopefully I can buy for some weeks. I will pay the bills and that's it. The day after it's my kid's birthday. We will find a way to celebrate it in some way.

This is tasteless!

The mood for food left us.
Yesterday the children had baked beans with some left meatloaf (bought not made by me and the youngest said it was tasteless).

The beans taste a hundred times better as the noodles.

Today we only had a bit noodle soup. It tasted terrible.

This is what it looks like in reality. It smelled like chemicals.

Met familie moet je wandelen niet handelen!

Never work in the company of your family.

Published today (Tuesday, March 24, 2020)

I doubt the tags #palnet, #neoxian, #marlians, #creativecoin work.

Published yesterday (Monday, March 23, 2020)

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Spring where are you...

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