Upfunding a UFM miner

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Upfunding a UFM miner

Compared to some of the miner-tokens for other Steem-engine tribes, the UFM miner is quite pricey when you compare it to it's token. At the moment the price of a token hovers around 0.028 Steem, while the miner costs 5 Steem.

That means that in order to pay for a UFM miner with UFM tokens, you need about 175-180 UFM tokens.

The Steemleo and Lifestyle miners are relatively cheaper to buy. Respectively 18.9 and 15.2 tokens of those same tribes.

So, I decided to see the effectiveness of the Upfundme tribe for myself by trying to Upfund a miner and seeing how many posts are required to raise the funds to buy a miner.

The thought behind it is that I don't have a lot of time or money to invest, but would love to upvote other posts with good causes. In my mind getting a miner would be a good way to grow my stake with the limited time and money I can spare.

I will add some other tags as well in an effort to increase the revenue of these posts.

I would like to hear if you think this is a good way to do it. Perhaps I can change the plan a bit to achieve my goal sooner or in a better way?

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This could work, but ultimately it will be up to the community.

You are correct, currently UFMM are a little pricey. Part of that price reflects on guaranteed rewards instead of a lottery. Buying one of those cheaper miners gives very little chance of actually "mining a block".

Since we shouldn't lower the value of miners we must develop ways to increase value for UFM or to encourage users to stake instead of sell. One way is to increase Steem Power available to @ufmbot, another is to give perks to those who hit certain levels of UFM Power like the !UFM comment command.

There's not very much STEEM in the way on the market either to bring the value of UFM back up to a more reasonable level.

I will check back here later and give an upvote then, for the sake of everyones curation rewards.

That does make sense. If there are not a lot of miners around, the rewards are a lot better.

I just wanted to see what the response would be to a post like this. I might reframe it a few more times, to see what happens.

But I think that by far the best way to get UFM tokens is by writing about the UFM community. Rather than trying to find an elegant way to ask for upvotes. Still I like to test and experiment.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to give a response to my post.

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