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Nobody Is Perfect

We have learnt so many things since our childhood. Our school books have taught us so many things, we learnt lessons in college, technology in office, management with our teams, cooking in kitchen, and so many other things. So does that mean we have accomplished a lot and we are good for survival?

I don’t agree with the fact that everybody knows every solution to the problem they face or even have all the skill-sets to proceed. Nobody is perfect except the thumbnail of this blog. ;)

The World Is Changing

What we have learnt in the past 20 years apparently has become obsolete and outdated? Things are evolving so fast that our knowledge and intellect gained over years is not good enough to survive for the next 20 years. We are living in a world where advancement is happening faster than the speed of light. New technologies, no gadgets, no learning methodologies, new thought process. Everything has evolved then how come we can survive with our back dated learnings? Let's look at the history of advancement from a first hand perspective of a person who probably saw the change happening in front of them. I am from the generation which so pre and post smartphone era. ;)

I remember when we were young, cell phones had just begun. As we grew, we saw new phones coming up. I got my first phone when I was in class 11. But kids these days get to play with cell phones right from the day they are born. My 5 year old nephew knows how to operate different operating systems and understands everything I do on my phone. Kids get their first phone at the age of 10 or 11 these days.

There are new ways of learning maths now. No more learning tables to do multiplication and division. It is the era of Vedic Maths where calculations are done in mind on tips.

Live in relationships are no longer a taboo. Love marriages are widely acceptable. Boys and girls hang out together all the time. We no longer believe in old ideologies. People have become more practical and think of logical ways to live their lives.

Keep Learning To Keep Up

So in this fast changing world, if you still are living with your old school thoughts, it will be very difficult for the society to accept you. In order to be socially acceptable, one has to step out from the old thoughts and understand the rationale behind the new thoughts. To be able to get up with new generations, one has to think like them. So break the shackles, don’t be rigid. Understand the various view points and life would be much more simpler.

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