Translating Obyte Bots To Yoruba- Updates-1190 words

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Project Details

Hello everyone, Byteball is a decentralized cryptocurrency platform that offers users great freedom, flexibility, and security while using it. In other words, it's a cryptocurrency platform that is ready to carry out the world various complex transaction in a simplified and very secure way. It possesses a lot of great features such as real-time transfer of funds, data, insurance, P2P betting and so on.
With cryptocurrency rapidly taking over the world, Byteball is really a promising project of the cryptocurrency world which will no doubt open new possibilities for the cryptocurrency world.
This and many more reasons is why I am excited to be part of this project and contribute my own quota by providing quality Yoruba translations to the project.

Contribution Specifications

  • Translation Overview
    Having previously worked on the Obyte project before, most of the words encountered were not strange at all. It still contains some register terms which are peculiar to some certain fields such as finance, computing e.t.c. but it was really exciting. A few words are left as original text because there are really no words to portray the meaning in Yoruba or it's more of a brand name.
    I worked on 4 different pages in this project (explorer section, know it all section, Username attestation bot section, and WCG distribution bot) with only explorer section and know it all section yet to be 100% completed.

  • Languages
    I translated the project from the English language which is the source language, to the Yoruba language which is the target language.

  • Word Count
    According to my estimations, I translated a total of 1,134 words (July 25th - July 28th) in the Obyte bot project as shown in the picture belowScreenshot 249.png

Proof of Activity

Here is a picture showing my activity pageScreenshot 250.png

Proof of Authorship

My Crowdin Profile Link

My Github Profile Link

Thank you.

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Hello @jubreal, thank you for this contribution.

  • This is a good post presentation. It contains the necessary information to view you translation.
  • This is a good translation from you. However, I urge you to take note of whitespaces errors. They have an effect on the strings output.

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