Happy Valentine's

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Valentine, an expression of affection, especially romantic affection, usually in the form of greeting card, gift, or message given the objects of one’s affection.
Valentine a day set aside is not just for boyfriends and girlfriends. It is more than just going out to have fun. There are many qualities of valentine which obviously almost everybody is blind to them. Valentine’s Day isn’t a day for just hangouts with people but what happens during your hangout? Do you handout to add positivity into your lives or to tarnish your dreams and destroy lives? What do you do? Am not trying to preach here but I just feel we need to receive sense in everything we commit ourselves to this day.
Valentine is a season of love for you and everybody around you. It isn’t a selfish day for just two people. If at all you choose to spend it with just you mate, you can make it memorable and not a day that will end up being a day of regret for both of you. It has been recorded in past years that the greatest record of hurt and evil among lovers happen this date and month of the year. Nobody is asking you not to have fun but do you know you are responsible for your actions be it good or evil. So many youths lose their lives on days like this because they are victimized of certain things they are not used to only to know that the influence of bad peer groups and willing to do what other friends do in their presence that day lead them astray. Examples of such is Rape, clubbing, etc. most of this things are not just things that destroys them for just a day but rather times for the rest of their lives.
Some of the things that are expected to be done on a day like this include:
 Make yourself happy
 Making up with your family and making them happy and loved. Create time for them,
 Visit to orphanages with or without friends that are willing to go with you. Have a talk show with them, play with them
 Make provision for talk show or moments with people around you
 Give suitable advice to people who needs it,
 Help the needy, helpless and downtrodden.
Not everything in life deals with money. A time, the words in your mouth speaks better than the money in your pocket. There are people out there who need just little word of encouragement from you to succeed in life but if you don’t associate with them, you are leading them astray already and it is what you will account for when the time comes. Nobody is to be detested or ignored especially this day. Putting a smile on peoples face is more than rubies and gold. Happiness covers it all even when you are cashless.
Make a best use of this years’ valentine.
Write-up by Ayodotun Olukayode Dada
CEO Kayda Ventures @official_kayda_ventures


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