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One of the ways that we can make a difference to our ecological footprint is by changing and adapting our food intake. Of course, in the grand scheme of things... each individual change is small, but hopefully the collective sum of all the small changes leads to a larger and more significant change in process and methods used to produce food.

Our little household is trying to reduce the amount of meat that we eat... trying to actively schedule vegetarian only meals, and with the meat based meals using meats that have been bought from the butcher that we know sources meats from bio farms and farms that have decent animal welfare in mind (that said, it is still strange to grow animals to kill them... but I'm afraid that I am personally not yet able to switch to a completely vegetarian/vegan based diet... however, I will try to lessen the impact if I can't yet do it).

Another thing that we have been trying out for the last year and a half is a subscription (BioAanHuis) to a box of locally sourced and bio-grown vegetables. It's an interesting idea, with one box being almost more than enough vegetables for our little family of two adults and 2 children (although, we aren't giant eaters either... and we eat European sized meals, not giant ones!).

The vegetables are different each week... and are always what can be grown with the local seasons using bio techniques for the farming. So, in winter... we get lots and lots of cabbages... and preserved cabbages (sauerkraut)... which makes for a week of pretty gassy bellies!


It is a little strange in the delivery, they will just leave a cardboard box full of vegetables on your doorstep if you aren't home. Luckily, The Netherlands (or at least our little corner of it) is a pretty decent place for that sort of thing... but seeing as my wife and I work strange hours, we are often home on the delivery day anyway. You also keep the box until the next delivery to return so it can be reused.

We've gotten to know the delivery driver quite well... I'm not really sure if he is the farmer or if he just does the deliveries. He drives a smallish van, and we have a nice chat when we are home... although, sometimes I guess he is in a bit of a hurry with the deliveries and he just drops off the box and goes. Which means that if we miss him a couple of times, then we end up with a couple of extra boxes.

We would leave them out, but Netherlands weather is a touch wet and that would be a bit of a disaster for the boxes! I'm pretty surprised that on the occasion that it is left outside that the animals don't start to take a snack on the food!


There has been a number of times when we've received something that was completely weird and unusual to us. Like this week, we got this spiky little guy. I stupidly thought that the spikes were soft... and got pricked for my trouble... my oldest daughter thought it was hilarious, and got some oven mitts and ended up carefully relocating it to the veggie box like it was a toxic hand grenade! Luckily, on their website they do give a list of possible recipes, and at least the name of the more exotic vegetables.

So, according to their website... this prickly guy was a chayote. Nothing that I have ever seen before... or tasted either! However, I decided to put it in a stew for this evening... If in doubt, stew it!

Anyway, we've had a pretty decent experience with this delivery service... the quality of the vegetables is pretty great, and the idea that it is bio and local is a definite plus for everyone! We are considering to add in the fruit box as well... it means that between the two boxes (vegetable and fruit) we wouldn't really need to hit up the supermarket for most of the fresh food cooking staples.

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It would be awesome but does it work way up north where nothing grows for a couple of months every winter?

Hmmmm... when you mean north.. do you mean Scandanavia North? No, probably not... you would have to eat Lichen and Seals..

I mean the southern part of Scandinavia were we ate cod liver oil to get vitamin D because there's too little sun for a couple of months every winter.

Yup... in that case, you will need to eat the lichen off the rocks!

What a lovely way to experience new tastes and vegetables and yes, this IS a great way to being making a difference. Maybe they could add a recipe sheet in the box sometimes?? Groetjes van Thailande.

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Actually, they do one better and include recipes on the website for all the different types of vegetables (normal and strange...)... no dead trees there!

Locally sourced vegetables are the best. I used to subscribe to a similar service where they decided on the vegetables I should eat based on seasonal availability. It was a few organic farms grouped together about 10km from my house.

I stupidly thought that the spikes were soft... and got pricked for my trouble... my oldest daughter thought it was hilarious

I agree with your daughter. Plants have a right to defend themselves =P

I agree with your daughter. Plants have a right to defend themselves =P

I decapitated it, skinned and then cooked it... It is not coming back!

That already reminds me of the Red Onion X-mas story of @janenightshade. Oops, spoilers...

I was thinking about lessening meat, too. Not sure I can do it immediately but it is a good plan.

I love meat as well... but now, I just try to buy less but better quality.

The veggie delivery is a great idea for you with both you and your wife working. I have never been much of a meat eater and could live on veggies but have never completely gone off meat.

It is really handy! I don't think I can completely give up meat either... so, we've tried to buy less... but better quality. That way, we make a difference, even if it isn't giving it up completely.

I love this @bengy! I have been considering the same option. I think we have a local organic farmer who does the same thing nearby. Your chayote has spikes!!! I haven't seen one with spikes, in fact I just shared a post using this squash. I think you will like it, it's quite mild and wonderful sauteed with onions, garlic and potatoes :)

It was quite nice... you have ones without spikes? I want that instead... this was not much fun to try and cut open!

We have a similar method here as well from a few organic farms, they will send to a centre for clients to do the pickup, because quite frankly our society is not as polite and kind as your area :P

Haha... well, I'm sure that one day... there will be missing vegetables...

Oh no, I hope not!!

What an awesome thing you're doing by having these veggies delivered lile that! And I love the idea of going to you local butcher to eat consciously raised animals... more expensive probably but than you eat less of it and it should have many more nutrients than from the shopping center!

We have the same thing here but we go pick it up at the farm. I still have to find a good butcher or fi d some hunter friends for the best of all meats 😁!

My wife had to go vegetarian, she somehow became alergic to meat, luckily not fish!

Thanks for sharing your experience, it's a good way to spread the wisdom.

Actually, yes... we have found that the better meat does seem to be much tastier and somehow leaves us feeling less queasy. Some of the supermarket meats are really quite fatty....

Allergy to meat? That is a strange thing... I didn't know that happened, I know some people who are allergic to fish though.

They also say that the more natural the meat is (as in the more an animal is left to eat what it naturally eats) the more nutrients it has. We typically also feel less hungry with less of that kind of food.

Yeah there's talk of a lone star tick that would render people alergic to red meat... crazy!

Have always loved my veggies as a kid my mum use to tell me they were Superfoods i hopping to turn out like Superman but it didn't happen never mind i still love my veggies...lol 🤣

Haha.... I will have to try that on my kids!

Haha...worth a try...lol 🤣

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