#Unexpected Surprise

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Vitae is a platform that ables individual to grow and prosper. That's how other Cryptocurrency aimed for. Vitae has now stepping forward to another level of earning free by joining free. In this way vitae introducing VitaeRains-Chat to all members and to those who wants to Join free.
With 24/7 Rain faucet, Rain Ads, Static Ads, Comissions from Referrals and a lot more.
So with these ways of earning you can gain lots of money and lots of fun.....

Mmm fun? Yeheey! I have won the 7th prize 🏆 of VitaeRain.Chat as Voice Over with a prize of 10k. Indeed, such a lucky day for me today.

This is the video which I sent to the contest.

It is very overwhelming. I DONT KNOW how to express it. Since I am the only Filipina who won the 7th place. Such a very good mood. I can say with great prayers comes good fortune.

Hoping to those who have read this one will also pours happiness and contentment.

You can join through this link:



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