I made a Volley Ball Page Breaker for FREE | Sports Talk Social

Sportstalk Volleyball PB.png

Hola señor and señora! here I am again with another graphics for sports talk social, I also write sports article but when I am not in the mood to so I just made graphics for sports especially here in this platform.

I mostly use adobe illustrator for 2D graphics like logos or whatever close to it, I also accept request sometimes dont worry its free although ofcourse as a human being well you need to return the favor just by upvoting lol.

  • Here are some of my previous graphics;

Sportstalk ESPORTS page breaker.png

Sportstalk TENNIS pagebreaker.png

You'll notice that it have different sizes because I am still figuring-out what is the proper or most befitting size for a page breaker here on steemit.


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Talagang karir na karir ah. Hahaha kayganda ng mga libreng footer mo Juls. Solid na solid lodi.

Posted via Marlians.com

hahaha ikaw lodi