Watch your thoughts

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Guard and monitor your thoughts,because it becomes your words

Everyone thinks,some people even overthink,we have lots of things running through our minds day in day out, watch and control those thoughts because they become what you talk about,they also become part of your life. Keep your thoughts clean and cleanse your mind from negative thoughts


Guard and monitor your words because it becomes your action

I've actually realised that whatever you spend a lot of time talking about becomes part of your reality. If you keep saying something, you suddenly start working towards it, you make plans to make sure it comes to pass so be careful with your words. Speak positive things and you see yourself taking action to be achieving great things.

Guard and monitor your action because it becomes your habit

True,whatever you spend time doing becomes a part of you,it become a habit.if I decide to spend time smoking,smoking becomes my habit with time. If I also decide to learn sewing or makeup, it becomes a part of me and I get better and better. Choose carefully what you act upon.

​Watch your thoughts,your words and your action,it can make you or break you.

​Good morning

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