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Hello everyone!

Last Wednesday I spent all day on the hills nearby my city. This is the Autumn, this is the time of the chestnuts harvest, in the zones where I live. So I bought a little bit of focaccia and I went above Castelpoggio.

With this post, I would like to participate in the #wednesdaywalk initiative. For more info about, visit @tattoodjay blog. It's a simple method to share your pics during a few or more walking meters.


During my excursion, I took many photos of the landscape but principally of mushrooms and chestnuts: these were the real protagonists of the day. I wait so long to publish my work because I slightly adjusted and resized in the right format every single photo. I added a watermark: this is a logo that I utilize - and will utilize in the future - to distinguish the photo taken during a walking activity: WALKING PICS.


I went by scooter at the place and I started a path that linked me to La Maestà locality. In the morning I have collected several chestnuts and took many photos. After Lunch, I continued both of the activities along the path.


The path linked the road where I arrived to La Maestà locality: I didn't arrive here because it was starting to get late.


A mushroom I had never seen



Little Slice from the road while I was having lunch







Mushrooms, mushrooms and more mushrooms

Sponge Mushroom?






Chestnut Tree Leaves






High Exposure to highlight the little visitor of the chestnut


Sun in the Trees




Path rich in chestnut hedgehogs

For the most part I don't know what kind the mushrooms are but I decided to photograph them anyway and maybe discover some more names with you.

I hope you enjoyed the photos.

To the next!

Would you like to participate in a photography contest? I organize a particular competition, the Photochain Challenge, a blockchain-like photography contest. If you want, learn more in the Last Weekly Edition or in the Introduction Post

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Fantastic shots and so many beautiful varieties of mushrooms

Thnaks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

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Thank you very much for your curation 👍😁

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MOst welcome 👍🙂👍

Foto fantastiche

Command accepted!

Grazie 😁
Comunque è intorno che merita

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Thank you 😁

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That was a lot kind of mushroom!

Right 😁 I found many shrooms but not so many edibles

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Must be a kind of portfolio! You got a lot of great shots.

Thank you 🙂
In fact I didnt' think about this utilize

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im loving all these mushroom pics - rather obsessed with them at the moment. Are these in the UK?

I'm happy for that. These were on the hill nearby my city, in Italy 🙂

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I had a feeling you were in Italy.. where abouts? I lived in Abruzzo a while ago.

Beautiful 🙂
I lived in Tuscany, along the northern coast

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Nice mushrooms, the sponge mushroom is in the ramaria family. The first picture shows a bolete, possibly king bolete. Towards the bottom you have some parasol mushrooms the ones with the scaley caps.

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Thank you for the informations 😁 I don't know any of the sponge Mushrooms species. I'm a little sorry because even finding someone edible I wouldn't be able to recognize it ☹️

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Looks like you have plenty of edible ones in your area. The king boletes are one of the best edible mushrooms. Those are pretty easy to id since they have no gills and have a pretty recognizable fat shape.

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Right. My problem Is that I am able to recognize only few species of Porcino, Cantharellus and little other.
I'll improve 😅

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Good those are the most tasty ones to recognize :-).

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