Walk Inside Angkor Wat Complex

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Inspired by #WednesdayWalk by @tattoodjay

All photos featured are from my collection. Taken inside the Angkor Wat complex.

Last week, I wrote about my walk to the Angkor Wat on day four of our Cambodia tour. I ended my story when I reached inside the complex. Just when I thought I finally made it inside, I learned that there would be more walking involved to get to the main complex. LOL!

I don't mind the long walk, as I enjoy walking. Plus, we did sign up for this tour, so we're prepared for all the trekking and hiking involved. What a lovely reflection shot of the Angkor Wat, don't you think?


Looked like I wasn't the only one who was truly excited for being here. That's my daughter doing her iconic jumpshot. ^_^ She's too cute!


The walls with all the carvings are pretty amazing! It made me wonder how they did it all. The designs are pretty intricate too. I'm totally in awe.


Looking around the complex, I couldn't help but wonder how it looked like a long, long time ago. It actually opened up more questions for me.


Our tour guide liked to talk about the apsaras. He pointed out the thousands of carvings on the walls. None of the carvings are alike. Each one is different from the other. Walking around was pretty tiring, so I welcomed the chance to sit for a bit, even for just this photo opp moment.


I feel so small inside this grandeur complex. We got to explore inside and even climbed up a steep staircase. The going down was pretty scary. ^_^


This photo has a funny story. I really felt silly taking it. I got the idea upon seeing a tour group gathered around it to form a circle. Some of their phones were on the floor. Apparently, they were taking group photos. This place is the center of the entire complex. That's enough reason for me to take the photo. ^_^


Before heading out, my daughter really wanted to climb up and have a photo opp on this library structure. I think it's a great idea too.


There I was saying good-bye to Angkor Wat. I simply had to take this photo. It was truly a memorable visit. I'd love to explore Siem Reap more. Perhaps that would be possible in the near future.

See you next time for more #WednesdayWalk. Happy midweek!

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Such an amazing place! Would love to see this sometime!

Oh you really should! :)

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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thank you so much! ^_^

this a good place for walking

True indeed! :))

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Thank you 😊😊

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Thanks for sharing your visit it was over 30 years ago I was there and this brought back memories of my visit there

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

Wow that long ago huh? 😁😁 dream come true for me though 😊😊 I love #wednesdaywalk ❤❤

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Ohh yeah realizing it was that long ago makes me feel old LOL


It's an amazing temple. I enjoyed seeing your photos and the quick virtual tour.

Thank you 😊😊

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Impressive photos! Nice day for a walk!

Very nice indeed! Thank you 😊😊

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I am so envious @iamraincrystal, Angkor Wat is one of my dream destinations before I die or get too feeble to travel.
May that be long in coming.

This trip was a dream come true for me. May your dreams come true too 😊😊

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Thank you @iamraincrystal, I hope so too.

Again an awesome WednesdayWalk by you

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Thanks kindly

Thank you very much 😊😊

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