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I provide this for the #wednesdaywalk challenge hold by @tattoodjay. Today the weather have changed again, so I found myself in the morning waiting for the bus, watching the bright and tender sunset... Happily, I borrowed the camera instead of my bike today, so...


When I arrived to my office location, I immediately unholstered it and spent 15 mins taking pictures instead of attacking my job. A great morning.. and the great pictures, if I may tell you my humble opinion... and its not me or editing to blame. Actually, it is mother nature, and the sun...


Everything would look like a masterpiece under such conditions... isnt it?



Cool frost have covered it all. The grass decorated with this frost... and when its properly lighted with the morning sun -- its an insane sight!



Sadly, no mushrooms... too late! Only dead leaves and wilted grass. Not the best subjects in the world to take of, huh?






Some wilted branches and berries...






The Christmas Trees ofc all around too... but, you know what? nature's decorations are superior! it is doing the job far better!


That is all. Thank you for walking with me across my city!

taken with Canon 5D, 16-35mm, raw conversion
location: Pulkovskoe shosse, St.Petersburg, Russia
[//]:# (!steemitworldmap 59.823279 lat 30.321265 long wednesday walk - frozen grass and air d3scr)

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Everything looks better with frost! Especially that fence... and the poor dead flowers...
But that must be my most favourite photo!!

@tipu curate

thank you for the reply, Ewkaw. the best thing is, you know what? surprise: it is my fave, too. it was the 1st one i choosed to edit, and the 1st i've uploaded to the post... it was the cover image, before a last minute change (wilted grass maybe less nice but more precise, so it was done for obscure presentation purposes...)
i am happy to receive this feedback, and you earned some juicy CC tokens.... :))) blessings!

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 10/20 - need recharge?)

I love some of the detail shots you captured on this walk, the frost looks so chilly but makes for such cool shots

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

it was my special pleasure 8-)


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All that ice makes me sad :(

hmm.. but why, nikv? one cannot have a drive all the way, eat, sance, sing songs?.. you also will need some rest time... winter is the rest time for all the nature...

I was born in Africa, that's why

  ·  7 months ago (edited)

do you mean you miss this splendid amounts of snow we having here????? argghhhhhhhh


uhm... well... ok... if you are rich, at least, you may travel... few times a year... I cant. will never see coral reefs in this life 8-)

Looks lovely but cool i must say 👍

thank you! its a harsh balance, really: warmer weather -- snow turns into rain or melts as soon it falls out to the ground - and everything turns into wet shit... and its totally cycling-unfriendly, not mentioning that it makes sky cloudy-lead-grey and sunless... and it also totally foto-unfriendly.

on another hand -- it is more or less frosty, we can have sun, no clouds, clear sky and a bit of snow here or there... our winters at St.Petersburg are a shitty balance! (and with high humidity, even a small cold is hardly bearable). so, the sun and frost - with no wet shit and high humidity -- is way better !! @hangin

After describing it that why i am happy and lucky to be living in the tropics stay warm my friend 🙂

i am happy and lucky to be living in the tropics

that is a wise move, what else can I say. immense thanks for your good wish!
"stay warm" -- I value it. 😍

Thank you @qwerrie and you stay warm also 👍

Wow, amazing frost pictures ^^ .. the grass nearly looks like a carprt this way, hehe ;)

Мороз без снега бывает причудлив. В такое время хорошо прогуляться вдоль дикой реки с травами, кустарниками и деревами. Но ты и в городе нашёл его))
Пора на природу податься, соскучился уже...))

absosutno soglasen! на бутылке с !BEER узоры особенно хороши, предполагаю я... но в точности не знаю, сам не видел.

Может на этой? !BEER ))

Hey @qwerrie, here is a little bit of BEER from @bambuka for you. Enjoy it!