wednesdaywalk - Retro Christmas, printed textiles from the 20th century!

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Happy wednesday everyone 😊

Hope your week is going well and that YOU are doing well...

Now its wednesday so that means we are halfway through the week, and we can share our #wednesdaywalk with @tattoodjay and ya'll 😉👍
So here is my walk through amazing colors that bought back memories, and also fits well cause we getting closer to christmas.

Retro Christmas!

Printed textiles from the 20th century!


Photograph by @saffisara


The tradition of decorating our homes for christmas is old.
The first printed christmas tablecloths appeared in the 1920's
In 1950's colour and designs became bolder
and textile artists were more engaged in the production.


Photograph by @saffisara


Even tho many extraordinary designers have composed the most amazing tablecloths and hanging tapestrirs, printed christmas textiles have previously not received much attention.
The exhibition is a result of the cultural historians Anna Lundqvists and Marie Odenbring Widemarks extensive survey of printed christmas textiles.
The exhibition has been created in collabotation with the textile Museum in Borås, Västarvet and Östergötlands museum.


Photograph by @saffisara

I love this kind of things and I guess its mostly cause I grew up with a grandmother that loved to Sew, knit and crochet different motifs on different canvases and paintings.
Even my mom has always been doing this and made many beautiful patterns and canvases. So it was fun to see her light up and we talked about what we recognized the most here at the museum.
Things we grow up with that was at home or at the mother and father parents houses 😉


Photograph by @saffisara

This is one I seen much of as a kid, my grandparents had it and I think some of my cousins to. Definitly a favorite of mine!


Photograph by @saffisara

Those ones are truly amazing and one stood out to me cause I remember seeing it before 😉


Photograph by @saffisara

I can't really place where I seen it before but probably also a family member who had it in their home.


Photograph by @saffisara

This was such a cool place to walk and look at so much colourful textiles, and decorated tables.


Photograph by @saffisara


This is also a wiew I reminder, we used to have one of these candlesticks and I still love them alot.


Photograph by @saffisara

Inspiering and really was a walk through memory lane, this wiew was also familiar.


Photograph by @saffisara


Photograph by @saffisara


Amazing wiew and I just had to capture one of those gorgeous old windows that is all around in this klosterdam museum.


Photograph by @saffisara


Another thing that I loved was that looking up at the roof gave you just as much joy as looking at the textiles on the walls.
So here are some beautiful pics of hanging tapestries.


Photograph by @saffisara


Photograph by @saffisara

Isn't this just a beautiful wiew? 😍
I stood there long time and watched through all the amazing artwork and so did my mom.


Photograph by @saffisara


Photograph by @saffisara


Photograph by @saffisara


And here are some of my favorite pictures of christmas textiles on walls that was put up!


Photograph by @saffisara


Photograph by @saffisara

Pretty and also reminds me a little about tablecloths we use to have.


Photograph by @saffisara


This was a favorite wiew, and the one with the house with many levels got my attention alot...
Its amazing how anyone can make such beautiful motives, and I know the amount of time and patience it takes from watching my Mother and grandmother.


Photograph by @saffisara

And here is my last picture, I hope you liked it as much as I did and Mabye you saw some tablecloths and textiles that you remember to? 😉👍


Photograph by @saffisara

Thank you for sharing this with me guys 😉🙏appriciate it alot!
I can't belive its already december and chritmas is closing in on us 😜 lol

My source of the history was from this written Wall



Have a fabulous week my amazing peeps 😘

And don't forget to be YOU ❤️


Much Love Ya'll ❤️ Kisses 💋


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What a wonderful #WednesdayWalk

Thank you very much 😉glad you liked it
Have a wonderful weekend. Cheers! 🌸

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Awesome traditional festive decorations, those were certainly the days when everything was hand crafted and you could truly appreciate the beauty of it. You got amazing photos of all the displays, will your house be decorated like this for Christmas? !COFFEEA

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So very interesting!!! Lovely article, @saffisara! Thanks for sharing that exhibit.
I hope you Wednesday was awesome! Take care 🥰🌺🤙

I love the colours and the process of placing the table cloth. I really love watching the colours, it's so bright. By the way is this house or an exhibitit area..great walk safi..
found it in #pypt

Okay, this whole thing is gorgeous, but that last pic of you with blue hair is wonderful. :) Love to see your adventures. Glad I saw this on #PYPT!

They have a big ring of knitters, quilters and crafty people here that display their works in the middle of the city once very 3 months or so. I have to snag some pix for ya next time. I like the ones you do up there with the barn. Pretty good stuffs.

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Really? Thats amazing, and YES do take some pictures next time... Love to se it 😍👍
Its fun to se the display of all colours and beautiful patterns, and to be reminded of things we seen growing up.
Glad you liked it 😊 Thank you!

Have a wonderful evening and much love 🤗🌹❤️

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I am doing well, thank you for asking!

My heritage is Scandinavian (My maternal great-grandfather emigrated from Western Norway), but I did not grow up in that culture. I have always loved the work of the Scandinavian Artisans though (not so much the cooking though).

These are beautiful art pieces that you shared with us on the last #PYPT Show.

My younger sister (who knows a great deal more about our Norwegian Heritage than I) makes Krumkake this time of year. As she is living in a camper, probably not this year.

It's really wonderful to see this beautiful collection! Very nice post! ❤👍❄☃️🎄

Thank you very much 😊👍 glad you liked it, it was lots of beautiful art work to se in textiles.
Have a wonderful evening. Much love 🤗🌹

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!giphy christmas

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I do now knit or sew myself but i still love displays like this so much wonderful colors and patterns, and it does remind me of my parents and uncles and aunties that used to have similar sorts of special table cloths and covers for this season

Thats so cool that you do Jay 😉👍
I can sew a little but not pattern or such, just sew things that need to be fixed... A Button, whole etc.
Knit... I only wish... Lol
It truly is fun to se displays with colourful textiles and patterns, and like you it reminds me of things I seen in my familys homes at different seasons.

Hope you are having a fantastic week my friend and much love 🤗🌹❤️

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You to have a great week

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