Zeke Thoughts - Time is a gift


As I battle to live the best life, build a new business, be a good blockchain citizen, wrap up a busy summer, rehearse for a show this weekend and a billion other things that seem to be intersecting, I marvel at how precarious the balance is. That is one reason why I am combining this post into @tattoodjay's #wednesdaywalk, @wesphilbin's #thoughtfuldailypost, photography for Creative Coin, @surpassinggoogle's #Marlians and whatever else I can tie together. It is about unity and cooperation for the blockchain to flourish.

It was in the middle of all this dynamic and constructive action that I was gifted with some time. Seems sailing was cancelled Wednesday because of vacations and I was the only one not notified. There Is stood, no activity screaming at me to join. In the middle of paradise considering the time that was wasted getting there. What to do?


Time is a gift!

That is when it hit me: This time was a gift given to me and only me right there and then.

What did I do with that gift? I slowed down to a crawl, took some breaths, thought a little about the balls I had in flight, and did next to nothing.

These are shots I slowly took while sailors were headed out to race, wrapping up their boats for the end of the season, or were off somewhere else in their busy lives leaving their ships as company for me.

You won't get my patented commentary under each shot though they do have a meaning individually. I will leave you to consider them and their message as perhaps you will pause and savour a gift of a few minute I have perhaps given you.






















This is how I spent my Wednesday Walk. On the docks and in my head.



I can't wait to get back to the comments and see which one you pick out for a reply.

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It is a gift. Live your best life today. turn off the TV.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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I find walking is a good way to think things through and ponder what’s going on, but also when you come across lovely views like these they can push all those thoughts away and give you some moments of tranquility

Great idea to combine all these things into one post

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

there's a unique one! liquid wisdom! ! hah, looks like you had a relaxing day!👍✌️ 😊

  ·  last year (edited)

Lotta Yachta Yachta

wtf lol

thanks for bringing your time as a gift to pimp this post on #pypt

Nice photos and yes... Time is a gift and we have to use it wisely!

thanks for sharing at #pypt

Some beautiful pics you shared nice to see them

Time to smell the roses.... or look at the boats!!

I went for a walk on Tuesday along the waterfront here in Melbourne. Early spring, so nice and crisp, sun out, no wind.... the bay was like a Mill-pond..... there is no better way to appreciate life.

Thanks for sharing on #PYPT

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true, it was a gift for having a vacation with a family. Maybe sometimes it's good no to be notified so you'll feel the excitement. Imagine riding in a yacht to relax, to feel the vibration of the wind in the ocean. Enjoying the beautiful scenery that the ocean would give is such amazing. Well I haven't seen a yacht in person, so I don't know how does it feel to be in there.

By the way those yachts were cool, thanks for sharing at #pypt..

Definitely time is a gift! I keep vowing to use it better, but then get lost in the business! Thanks for the reminder with all the great pics!

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It is wonderful that you turned ruined-plans into such a delightful day! Love the photos, and that you shared them with us in PYPT! 😊

  ·  last year (edited)

A lot of great photographs right here. Sometimes we get too caught up in our own shit that we forget to appreciate the simple things.
From #pypt