Giving Up Drugs, Cannabis Not Included

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Recent investigations have found that more young people today are opting for cannabis instead of binge drinking.

Over the years there have been a variety of reports suggesting that cannabis might have been effective at helping people cope with addiction, tackle a myriad of health issues from anxiety to PTSD and more, and it's even being used to help a growing number of animals too.

Cannabis and alcohol are often tossed together by the media and bureaucrats, insisting that the two should be treated the same, but each substance fuels vastly different experiences.

You might find many people who mix the two experiences together but there are thousands of cannabis users who don't, they don't drink alcohol and don't prefer to mix the two substances together. Some reports suggest that the majority of young adults today also might prefer cannabis to drinking for a number of reasons.

Rasta, Cannabis And Alcohol

Rastafarians for example are known to avoid drinking alcohol and they try to stay away from eating highly processed food even, that they don't think will nourish their body.

Cannabis is allowed though, Rastafarians have commonly and generously embraced cannabis, they see it as a natural food and medicine.

I came across an article recently where mainstream reggae artist Sean Paul mentioned that he was moving toward giving up his partying ways and was done with all of the excessive celebrations that are commonly expected and found within the music industry, because he wanted to now spend more time with his family.

But this doesn't include his cannabis use.

Sean Paul has had most of his albums be nominated for a Grammy for the Best Reggae Album in the market. Paul comes from Jamaica and is known as one of the best reggae artists and most well known artists in the world today. To see anyone in that industry suggest that they don't enjoy partying or they are moving away from excessive partying etc, is a message that you do not hear that often.

And the mention of him potentially giving up alcohol pr partying, but still embracing cannabis got me thinking about the differences between cannabis and alcohol, how the two are so vastly different from one another.

Studies show that it is alcohol which is the common factor fueling many violent crimes today, it isn't true that cannabis fuels violence though this is still a commonly perpetuated myth.

Cannabis has also never been known to cause a single death from overdose, the same cannot be said for alcohol of course. Alcohol fuels the deaths of thousands of people every year in the United States alone.

One person would allegedly need to ingest roughly 1500 lbs of cannabis within 15 minutes for them to overdose and this consumption rate is considered to be a physical impossibility to achieve.

When you think about the symptoms that go along with being drunk vs being intoxicated from consuming cannabis, there is a clear contrast.

It isn't likely that you will ever come across someone who was so high that they forgot what they had said to someone the day before, or they consumed so much cannabis that their words no longer mattered. The cannabis likely would never get to the point where the individual wasn't able to control themselves or their words and they spoke out in anger saying hurtful things to those around them, or members of their family. Excessive drinkers have been known to do this.

Cannabis isn't known to make people angry as a symptom.

For those who enjoy a good drink or two, we could probably fill up several books with the regretful stories that we have that have been fueled with liquor. Spending too much money for one, and always regretting it later, eating things that we wouldn't normally eat and regretting it later (or maybe not), making decisions under the influence that we definitely wouldn't make while sober. Those harmful and regrettable decisions are more likely to be fueled with alcohol than they will with cannabis.

Not everyone has the same circumstances or self control and some substances will impact individuals differently. Factors that contribute to this are an individuals previous experience or tolerance with that substance, their genetics, how potent the particular substance sample might be, and how the person is ingesting it etc. These can all come into play for how it impacts the person overall.

Not everyone has the same experience

Some politicians have been foolish enough to blame mass shootings on cannabis in the past, and the thought is laughable if you understand what cannabis is and what it does.

These are likely the same people who have been blaming video games and rock music for the troubles we face in the world just the same.

The claim that cannabis fuels violence or mental illness is one that is still widely contested with experts in the field. This means that for many users of the substance it simply isn't true.

Though the media might still like to toss the two together and the government insist that we should treat them the same, they do very different things to the body and fuel very different outcomes in society around us today. To compare cannabis to alcohol I feel only discredits all of the benefits that cannabis can potentially provide, and has been providing for thousands of years. It isn't so much of a party substance as it is, and should be seen, as a healing one.


The information that is posted above is not intended to be used as any substitute for professional medical advice, or diagnosis or treatment. The above is posted for informational purposes only.

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Cannabis over liquor any day. The thing with Mary Jane as you stated, it affects people differently. Like some people are allergic to seafood, some minds are allergic to weed. Everyone had that one friend you knew shouldn't smoke LOL

Posted via ReggaeSteem | Reggae Culture Rewarded

An explosively dangerous mixture, cannabis and alcohol are two elements that must be handled or consumed with maturity and awareness.

Posted via ReggaeSteem | Reggae Culture Rewarded

@doitvoluntarily, In my opinion when Earth 🌏 Shifts or Ascends to Higher Frequency Dimensions it brings lot of changes to behaviour and old beliefs and habits converts into new. Stay blessed.

Posted via ReggaeSteem | Reggae Culture Rewarded

Hello! Thanks for this article! I can relate to this topic and got some words to spill. My personal experience with alcohol (excessive):
Kicked out of clubs because I stripped naked.
Spend NewYears eve in the car because I fought with a bouncer before I even got in.
Girlfriends left because I was too close with other females when drunk.
Destroyed a car after 7 Duvels (Belgian beer).
Broke my nose twice because I think I am Arnold Schwarzenegger and everybody needs to get out of my way.

My experience with smoking around 7 joints per day: Everybody loves me because I am funny. I go to social clubs and hang around with likeminded people who don't even think about being aggressive. We hug, kiss and feel relax.

Posted via ReggaeSteem | Reggae Culture Rewarded

I always used to like mixing the two together, but now not so much. Back in the day I just wanted to get fucked up. I guess my attitude has changed completely . I know plenty fell the same way. But the occasional pint of IPA and a bowl, is sometimes what the doctor ordered, ;)

Hey😎😎😎 what I can say, cannabis was before alcohol, and both are like a Venus and Mars walking tougether on sky(mitologii) both drugs are good if you know which balance is best for you to not mess-up yourself.
From my experience its looks the practise is needed 😁😁 and life is to short but keeping a balance.
😉Be like a water my friend, be everywhere. B.L.
Have a good one😎