Grow Update: End Of Week 8(Eight)

in weedcash •  11 months ago 

End of week 8 today of the DE 1000watt vs 480watt Quantum board. Will be Cutting them down this week when everything is smokey just before Amber's ( highest thc time) Quantum board has the bigger buds but the DE hps plant is bigger overall and very dense buds. Yields will be interesting. Hoping for at least a pound from each ( DE1000watt had lost of wasted usable light.The full coverage of the light wasnt being used)




just looks like that on camera. The hps plant has more square foot of canopy. Its wider each ways.

Joy of a cake grower

Dlamini's Ladies are doing okay as expected also

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Damn man, you have some skills! Very happy to see another great grower, with great content on Weedcash.

Thanks, @jonyoudyer i appreciate Boet 😉

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damnnnn that's one plant?