Winter Brings Summer & Fall (Weekend Freewrite - 02/15/2020)

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Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Prompt First Sentence: The good times are not going to last - winter is coming.

Which means less fruits and vegetables laying out in the humans' gardens, and back to nibbling away on bark and wood just to keep themselves warm.

Huffing and trodding closely to her kind, she suddenly felt a sense of dread as they continued across the almost white and barren land.

The good times really were at end.

Image by jggrz from Pixabay

Prompt 2
She was depending on her mother. That might have been a mistake.

It was not as if she could not forage on her own in spite of the drastic change in their surroundings. Although she did still heed her mother's warnings of staying close to the den and not to wander too far off.

On the way back to the den, a rustling nearby made her stop in her tracks. Her quills may be able to protect her, but she could not risk getting followed by whatever predator lurked nearby.

Instead of going straight ahead, she decided to take a detour and hope to shake off the predator. With that thought in mind, she turned to her right.

Image by Pezibear from Pixabay

Prompt 3
a puppy yelped

Oops...! She did not mean to do that, but it was getting too close to her for her liking. Trodding further away, she dared a glance back towards the puppy and spotted it had gotten minimal damage.

In that short moment that she was preoccupied with the puppy, she did not notice the footsteps heading towards her way.

"My! Aren't you a feisty one for a tiny little critter!" spoke a voice in delight.

To be continued...


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Very well written @iamraincrystal, and a very exciting story of a small animal going out on their own for the first time, thanks for including those pictures too, it's awesome.

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Thank you so much 😊😊😊

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Thanks @iamraincrystal, and keep creating awesome content.

Almost thought it was real :)

Thank you 😊😊

Very sweet. I like this point of view.

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