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This Week's Prompt

The smell of cinnamon and fresh fruit wafted lovingly through the kitchen, drifting between the bakers and through the hallway leading to the storefront. The scent tempted the awaiting patrons, each lining up before the display case of assorted pastries, pies, and cream-filled confections. Lucas, in his white apron and pastel name tag, saw that the ever-popular eclairs were running low. He left Beverly to tend to the customers as he went to gather more. Smiling, he reached into one of the racks in the kitchen and pulled out the fresh pastries to fill the empty tray.

“We’re going to need more eclairs ,” Lucas mused, “they’re almost all gone back here, too.”

“Well, what else is new?” Jonah laughed. “I’ll get someone on it once we’re done with these pies,” he said as he gestured loosely to the delectables around him. Lucas had helped unload the giant crates of peaches and blueberries that morning, and seeing their baked form made his mouth water. More than that, he longed to make one, perhaps with a cracker crust, carefully baked and topped with a little sugar. No, drizzled honey.

Jonah saw Lucas’ eager stare and questioned, “How long have you worked here now?”

“Oh, uh, about six months.” Lucas had briefly forgotten that he worked front of the house, not in the wonders of the kitchen, and began loading the eclairs again.

“Well, when you’re done refilling those come back. There’s something I want to show you.”

Extending the story:

Jonah was sure that Lucas would be a good baker since when he showed up the first day for the job interview he brought some sample cakes, they had a unique presentation with exquisite flavor. But at that moment he assessed that he should give him a test time in his shop. Now he had already considered that he had passed the first test and already qualified to work in the kitchen because he had been able to appreciate all the aspects that were required to attend, also that he now knew the tastes of the clients.

Lucas despite being busy meditated on Jonah's words since the treatment he had given him so far was very sullen, without giving him much confidence. His memory wandered to the days of his high school studies when to get extra income he worked as an assistant to the best baker in the city.

Then he went to meet Jonah who now received him with a wide smile, in his hand he had an apron and a written communication, he began to say "Lucas, the surprise I have is that from tomorrow you will be the chief baker of my store, I have my trust in you "

Seeing that his offer exceeded what he had thought about just making simple cakes, now with this greater responsibility he would have to show off how good he was.

On the day of his premiere as chief baker, he spoke with the staff, they did not expect that he could reach that position. When passing their first orders, everyone agreed to work as a team to bring the name of the store to the last corner of the country.

In the following days, satisfied customers hurriedly asking for new presentations with the diverse variety of flavors of sweets and cakes, which had managed to spread their fame.

Jonah, happy to see the result given by his new chief baker, said aloud to his secretary,

"Certainly Lucas has exceeded my expectations, now I can dedicate myself to extending the franchise to other cities since he has inspired me by his example."

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