Panic at night! My entry of We-Write #11: Home Alone

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Dear friends

Now I participate in the weekly WeWrite challenge, here we must complete a story given by the proposed prompt. This week @zeldacroft offers us the first part of the story "Home alone". From there I wrote the following "Panic at night". I hope you enjoy reading.

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This Week's Prompt

Home Alone
by @zeldacroft

An inky air crept through the twilight hours, and now pressed against the windows of the house. Inside, Nathan aimlessly flipped through the TV channels, the living room calmly lit. He was getting impatient.

A thump, thump down the stairs made him jump, but he managed to keep his composure. His mom hurried into the room. Her oversized coat and mittens signaled she was ready for the autumn chill outside.

“Alright, I’m heading out,” she said. “I’ll probably be gone for a few hours, so call me if you need anything. Remember there’s leftovers in the fridge, and try not to just watch TV. You know that book from—”

“Mom,” he interrupted.


“You’re going to be late.”

“I am, aren’t I?” She agreed, but ran over to kiss his forehead anyway. “I’ll lock up, be sure to stay safe.”

“Yes, Mom.” He rolled his eyes. Their corner of suburbia had always felt like the most boring. Nothing bad could happen here.

As soon as Nathan heard the front door close, he leapt up and looked out the window. The streetlights cast heavy shadows on his mom’s car as she drove away. When she was out of sight, he whipped out his phone and texted his best friend, Mark. “It’s time.”

Mark had gotten his hands on some horror games, including the much coveted Bloodhunter 4, but his family wouldn’t let him play.

Nathan wasn’t allowed to either, so tonight was finally their chance. Impatience turned to excitement as he switched the TV to his Xbox. Mark lived on the same street, so it wouldn’t take long for him to get there. After gathering soda and snacks from the kitchen, he heard a sharp knock on the door.

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Extending the story:
Panic at night
@felixgarciap´s ending

Nathan excitedly headed for the door, standing there was Mark with a blue backpack, sneakers with his baseball uniform.

Nathan replied:

"Mark, I thought we were going to play Bloodhunter 4. Why are you in sportswear?"

He said:

"Of course we are going to do it, only that I had to cheat my mother by telling her that I was going to the stadium to train"

Then when they closed the door, sat in front of the TV and placed the cartridge with the game.

After a few moments, they concentrated on the game. Both were amazed by the scenes that appeared there, each more complicated than the last. The large television screen allowed them to enter the game, they also had headphones in which each of them heard sounds in some different cases.

Already after an hour they managed to overcome the first obstacles and accessed the mysterious room, with the horror scenes both were hallucinated.

Suddenly the electricity went out, when they were in the dark they thought it was part of the game. There began a strong wind that shook the windows. With panic, they no longer knew how to react.

Five minutes later in the backyard of the house a loud sound was heard, as if it were the fall of a tree. They getting up from the sofa, headed there.

Each time the beating of their hearts was stronger and they both sweated, babbling incoherent things.

Suddenly the electricity returned, when the house was illuminated, it dazzled both of them. In a corner next to a door were their mothers, both laughed out loud. Nathan's mother told them:

"It is not so much for the pants to pee, I imagined that they were brave people who were not afraid of anything"

Overwhelmed they ran to their skirts, promising that they would never play those horror games again.

The end

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I invite this challenge to my friends @sacra97, @marybellrg, @amart29 and @hlezama.

Waiting for your upvotes , comments and resteem.


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A nice development, friend! I liked how you worked in the idea of cheating and switching the backpacks.

Only I didn't understand what exactly happened. It's clear that both mothers decided to teach the boys a lesson, but it's not clear how they did it.

Ok, they came in quietly and shut down the master breaker. The question is how did they know to time it exactly when the boys got in the mysterious room? What was the reason for the sudden strong wind? And what was the cause of the loud sound in the backyard?

Dear friend, thanks for your accurate comments, I also asked myself the same questions when I wrote the story, but I left them to the individual interpretation of the reader.

The sudden strong wind and the loud sound in the backyard was perhaps the product of a sound system activated by a neighbor.

  ·  last year (edited)

Ah... got it. It's interesting how many nuances come about once you try to think through the boundary conditions given by the prompt.


hahahahaha! Those crafty mothers! BUSTED!

They just waited for them to be hallucinating. LOL

Una excelente proposición viene hallowen, asi que es de terror. @felixgarciap mayor susto

Gracias amiga @sacra97, los niños siempre hacen sus travesuras con la que sus padres se divierten. Te recomiendo que leas la piblicacion de @mgaft1 donde da sus impresiones de lo que es un wewrite:

Haha lesson learned!

A very nice story with a cute surprise ending!

Dear friend @free-reign, thanks for reading. Your comments encourage me to continue the work of continuing to write stories. Receive my affections.

You do it well @felixgarciap! I just started writing stories a few months ago, and discovered that I like it a lot. Before that I just wrote poems, or once in a while I'd write an opinion piece about something. I really enjoy it, and it sounds like you do too. Steem on my friend!