The assignment! My entry of We-Write #3: The classroom.

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This Week's Prompt
by @zeldacrof

"A first sentence is all it takes to get the story going. Just start writing and see where it goes," suggested Mrs. Mowry as she handed out the composition notebooks. Some of her students eagerly grasped them, while others reluctantly dropped it on their desk. With a shuffle they each pulled out their pencil cases, although Charlie already had his half-chewed pencil in hand.

The classroom was especially cheerfully decorated, from the colored pin boards hanging on the walls to the beanbags in the reading corner. Even the chairs the children sat on were varying shades of blue. Some of the students were shifting in them, mostly out of anxiety or excitement.

"Mrs. Mowry, do we need to write in pencil?" asked one of the younger girls, Alicia. Her utensils of choice were falling out of their case in a myriad of colors.

"So long as I can read it you can use whatever you want." The teacher smiled as the girl excitedly picked up a bright blue pen, and then a green one. "But I do recommend one color at a time."

Extending the story:
@felixgarciap´s ending

This was said by Mrs. Mowry because she suffered from mild color blindness, but at school no one was aware of it.

Alicia began to write her story with enthusiasm, she remembered at that time the instructions given by her teacher in classroom about the genre she liked. So she began her writing focused on the visit of aliens to the city where they lived.

So her story began with the following text:

"It was a foggy night with the sky covered with clouds which gave glimpses of an elusive moon, everyone in the place slept, at midnight, after an impressive noise, the field was illuminated with a bluish light ...."

She, after finishing writing her story, handed it to Mrs. Mowry who read it fiercely, she could not believe that she had such an outstanding student in her class. After reviewing the composition, she immediately congratulate her for having achieved the goals proposed.

The rest of the classroom had not yet completed the assignment, it is the case that Charlie after taking another pencil was the only one who had almost completed his work. The rest was still delayed with their compositions, they had not yet managed to write much.

However, when they heard that Mrs. Mowry congratulated Alice, they buried their faces in their desks of shame.

They had run out of time and all were suspended. Only Alice was approved.

The end

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I am using @zeldacroft we write to write this piece please read here.

I invite this challenge to my friends @sacra97, @marybellrg, @amart29 and @hlezama.

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After reviewing the composition I immediately congratulate her on having achieved the goals proposed.

May I ask you? Who is "I" in this case?

It's "she" not "I." Thank you very much for reading, it really has been a transcription error. I have already corrected it. Your observation has been timely friend @mgaft1.

It's my pleasure. I wonder if you are a teacher yourself. I bet it's a pleasure for a teacher to discover a talent and nurture it for a full blossom.

I am a university professor and certainly, sometimes it is the case of people with extraordinary talent. Of course this gives a lot of satisfaction.


Great! I love that first sentence of Alicia's. I wanted to have mine end with a sentence that every student had written, but could not come up with a good sentence. I could have used yours!

I am pleased to read your observations. It is always a bit difficult to continue with the rest of a story. I wish you a happy and productive week.