The heiresses! My entry of We-Write #10: The Manor House

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This Week's Prompt
by @zeldacrof

“I can’t believe we’re here!” Clara gushed, gazing at the manor house. Its front steps were preceded by carefully-laid stone, centered around a magnificent fountain. Tourists bustled around eagerly with their cameras and visitor pamphlets as the two sisters joined them.

“It says here that tours start every hour in the Grand Gallery,” said Kelly, holding up the guidebook. Clara was too busy admiring the variety of flowers that adorned the area, from the climbing vines near the elegant windows to the lush bushes around the stone path. So Kelly went back to her reading, but with a smile. It was nice to see that the manor was already living up to Clara’s expectations.

After a brief distraction by a duck swimming in the fountain, the sisters quickly made their way inside. As they mounted the marble stairs, Clara’s excitement became tangible, an emanation of joy that merged with the curiosity of the other tourists.

Extending the story:
@felixgarciap´s ending

They could not believe they were there, a few days ago they had received a notification that mentioned that they were the legitimate heirs of Mr. Smith, a man who had left an immense fortune. They eagerly hoped they would now give them all the details of their inheritance.

Their mother always told them that she had worked there, but hid the truth of her life. She only mentioned to them the fact that when they were little her husband had died leaving her a widow and helpless. Mr. Smith was married at that time but his wife was very sick so they had a love affair. When her mother got pregnant she quit the job and didn't see him anymore, taking care of them.

On the other hand Mr. Smith did not have children, nor did he leave direct heirs, he knew of the existence of his daughters, although he never recognized them, however he had his uneasy conscience for not being able to resolve that diatribe. Shortly before his death, he drafted his will in which he named them as sole and universal heirs.

Clara and Kelly had always been very close, Mr. Smith's agent received them at the entrance inviting them to a large office where they would know all the truth about Mr. Smith and his relationship with their mother. From that day they would leave behind the shortage time they had lived up to now.

The end

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I am using @zeldacroft we write to write this piece please read here.

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A great turn to the story. A happy ending with Kelly and Clara getting to own their due heritage.

Sweet! I sure wish something like this would happen to me! A happy story.
I like the way you've blocked the prompt so that it is different from your part. I hope I remember to do that next time.
Congrats on those lovely upvotes last week. I was very happy to see that.