A very cool morning

in wherein •  4 months ago 

Today I am happy with the beginning of a very cool morning, after the day before it was quite hot, so much so that not even under the tree could we feel freshness.

During the night a rain fell that refreshed the earth and when the cold woke up it was already felt, while I was walking in the courtyard of the house I noticed how the rain dew fell on the plants and how happy they were greening. The flowers for their part were very happy.

While I could go out to enjoy a very hot coffee after having spent 2 days with stomach problems, today I could feel relief and wake up healthy.

It is ideal since today we are going to share with my sister for her birthday. The children are happy because they have been out for a long time and will be able to see their aunt and some close cousins.

Today will be quite a cool day, apparently it will be cloudy and rain will probably fall from time to time.

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Enjoy the refreshing rain and stay healthy^^

[WhereIn Android] (http://www.wherein.io)

Thanks, right now I feel better after lasting 2 days with that discomfort! 😄 greetings.

[WhereIn Android] (http://www.wherein.io)