The Shopping Game: Shopping July 28, 2020

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These were the purchases I made on July 28, it was actually quite a complicated day but in the end it turned out very well.

If you have read my previous post, you will know that I had a stomach ache and that I forgot the card after having traveled so much to get to the city center but I managed to solve the situation Thanks to my friend @jeemrocker who works nearby, so I made a transfer to his account and he lent me his card.

Once I had insurance for the purchases, I went and the first thing I bought was the 50-piece diaper pack for my child. Even though it had increased in price compared to the last time I bought it, it is still an inexpensive diaper that my son can wear on a daily basis. It cost me 1,450,000.00 Bsf. Just like the last time there they did not give me a ticket, they only gave me the cancellation ticket of an adder which I had to pass to the cashier girl so that she will charge me the amount.

Then I went to buy a pack of 20 pieces of higher quality diapers to put it on at night, as you will know so that you can sleep much better, I arrived at "COMERCIAL DON BARATO" on Carrera 21 between streets 30 and 31 buy PANSOFT diapers which are quite comfortable for my child, of course also price change, now they cost 730,000.00 Bsf

Then I went to buy some soaps and some wet towels and arriving at Calle 31 in the store "SUPER VEN LA 31" where I got them at a good price, I bought the Anita soaps that cost 57,000.00 Bsf each and the wet towels "Comfact" at 235,000.00 Bsf. I went back to wearing that brand because they were of good quality.

Continue on my way and I went to the store called "COMERCIAL CASTILLO" there I bought about 3 drawing pencils which cost me 75,000.00 Bsf each, but I lacked the HB and I bought it two stores higher and it cost me 65,000 , 00 Bsf and a pen that cost me 78,000.00 Bsf, unfortunately in this store they did not give me an invoice or a point of sale ticket.

I continued my tour of the center because I needed to get an "Orbi & Fresh" cream, it was hard for me to get it until finally. It cost me 98,000.00 Bsf there, they didn't give me a ticket either.

Finally, to finish my shopping tour in the center, I arrived at "FERRETERÍA CASA JIANYI 168 C.A." There I bought some cleaning gloves. The price was 171,000.00 Bsf

After walking so long and buying everything I needed, I went back to where my friend @jeemrocker works to return his card and we took some photos and I continued on my way.

On the way back to the house I found an inclement sun, that day there was enough sun but at the end I got home, although I was very tired I needed to go out to the grocery store that is 60 meters from the house to buy a flour that I needed It cost me 220,000.00 Bsf, I also bought a chamomile 60,000.00 Bsf and about 2 steel sponges at 55,000.00 Bsf each.

The total of my purchases for this Friday, July 28 was:

Bolivares: 3.814.000,00 Bsf

Dollars: $ 14,72 $

Steem: 70,79 STEEM

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So a lot of shopping on the last day of the month. I am sure you enjoyed this season of #theshoppinggame and I can see you were very consistent all throughout this game.

Have a great day.

Steem on.

Hola @sampraise, que malo que perdiste la tarjeta, no tienes forma de recuperarla?
Al leer tu post, recordé que yo también debo comprar guantes de goma, no lo he tomado en cuenta estas últimas compras que hice.

Hola @tocho2 en realidad la dejé en casa, gracias a Dios! Se la había prestado a mi esposa y a ella se le olvidó devolvermela 🤣

Que bueno que aún la tengas, en estos momentos sería muy difícil pedir una nueva al banco. Saludos


Hope you feel better soon

[WhereIn Android] (

Thank you very much @vickyli 🤗 I really feel better now, I decided that night not to eat anything and drink soda with lemon and the next day I woke up better.

Congratulations, you are a winner in The Shopping Game.

Here is an extra upvote to cover the cost of your shopping.

The Steemit Team

How nice it is to know I'm ... I'm super happy! 🤗🎉

De verdad es tan agradable ver este blog del reto de las compras me siento en Venezuela leyendo todo, cuando salí de Venezuela los precios eran muy diferentes ahora leo las cifras y me asusto mis papás también me dicen que todo aumento una gran barbaridad pero mucho ánimo 💪 veo que compraron lápiz para los dibujos que hacen me encantó el Sonic que ganó Dai❣️