99 Word Creative Writing Challenge ✍️ Fictional Short Story

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This is my tenth attempt at participating in the awesome "99 Word Story Challenge" organised by the Apostrophe POD on the WhaleShares Platform ~ Today's challenging word is "coup de grâce", which is quite a difficult challenge for me as I will need to write fiction for the first time. It is my understanding that this French term means to undertake a compassionate act or to administer a final merciful act of compassion 🤔

Read & Learn from the awesome Apostrophe "Daily Writing Contests" ✍️

Lightning Round Write-Up
99-word writing challenge

Using Merriam Webster's "Word of the Day" coup de grâce for December 4th ⚔️


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My Fictional story begins... [ word count 99 ]

As I stand in the green fields of the French countryside, I look around me with Sword in hand wondering who has survived this great battle. The grass is coloured red with blood as many lay severely injured or dead! I wonder if the cost of defeating our village invaders was really worth this final cost of life 🤔 I now begin the saddest task of searching for my best friend Henry, who had saved my life many times in the past. As I find him dying, my sword must yield a merciful coup de grâce 😔 Farewell my friend ⚔️

  • Many thanks for reading my short fictional story, please visit me again soon... 🙋‍♂️


Cross Posed from my original Article on WhaleShares [here]

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