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February 26th, 57th day of 2020. Another day for Prompt A Day challenge by @shadowspub.

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Today's journal/blogging prompt: Who are the negative people in your life you’d like to spend less time with? What impact do they have on you?

Yey! I'm glad that today I get to rant a little bit. LOL ^_^ Kidding aside, I'm not one to dwell on the negative side of things. However, that does not mean that all is well. But it is what it is.

I chose the bitmoji on the cover because that's how I feel at times when I needed to work alone in the office. You see, I have this officemate who has a bad habit of not showing up for work. Unfortunately for me, she is related to the owner of the company. It's a small family-owned company.

Last year was the worst ever, as she would only come to work for half a week. That happened too often that I felt totally stressed out. Work was simply too much for one person to handle. Surprisingly, I survived last year! Well, work pays the bills and so I put up with it.

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It had a negative impact on me for a while, as I would often be irritated. I'm not the most pleasant person, but neither am I a grumpy one. It did affect my attitude for a while. What changed was I decided that I would simply send out my petition to the universe and let it work its wonders. I would not let outside forces dictate how I would think or feel. I will be in control of my thoughts and emotions.

No, she has not improved. I doubt she will, but that's not my problem anymore. I will simply focus on my goals and reward myself for surviving a toxic work day.

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Your post reminded me of what a toxic work day felt like! Nice write!

Your post reminded
Me of what a toxic work
Day felt like! Nice write!

                 - lymepoet

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