Coup de Grace-- 99 Word Story Challenge

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This is my entry to Lightning Round of @apostrophe 99 word story challenge topic "Coup de Grace"

This is my story:

It was 2:45 pm of Sunday afternoon, I came to my work I saw my co-workers are so busy and unrelaxed.One Man 32 years of age was at Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation room full of blood,wounds and fructures all over his body from a car wreck.CPR Team tried to revived him,Doctors tried to placed Endotracheal tube on his throat to be attached to Mechanical Ventilator for support.One doing compressions,and others for medications but after 30 minutes patient seems unresponsive.Doctors came out talked with his mother.She sobbed in despair but agreed to "Coup de Grace",for Alex's agony won't prolonged avoiding more pain.

A flood of surprise hospital bills could start arriving in U_S.jpg
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