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My photography of a million flowers on my friends garden.

"Sometimes your biggest Foible become your biggest Strength."


I will be sharing my 99 Word story of a young man on his struggle.

They say sometimes the biggest Foible can become our biggest strength.John was 20 years old when he lost his legs after a car accident with his friend.He was in comatose for a month.He had broken jaw,nose and collarbone and had traumatic injury.He had short-term memory problem too.He remembered he had depression while in his rehab sessions.He even ask himself how he could graduate on his condition.His debt became half a million dollars but with the help of insurance company it settled for few years.He took one day at time,focus on recovery,graduated in college now in his full time work.

Trattamento manipolativo per rigidità cervicale e di spalle! Grazie a quelpanta per aver permesso la documentazione! white_gym_fight_family_ancona terapiamanuale manipolazionivertebrali ancona prevenzione phisi.jpg

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