Make Your own Happiness and spread it !

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The pursuit of happiness begins with doing something. It is not sad to sit in your room, staring at the ceiling because you are unhappy..Where will happiness come from you when you are isolated and dwelling? Surely you will not fall for you suddenly, no one will feel happy without reasons and introductions.

In the video accompanying this article ... this ordinary young man wakes up. Nothing distinguishes him much. It is neither handsome nor ugly, neither rich nor famous. It differs from all passers-by with only one thing that he himself has not yet known.

This young man who is falling over him from a pipe is placed in the wrong place. It does not stop to curs the head of the irresponsible person who left it like this. Rather, it turns into a positive act with one step and without much thought. The bottom of this falling water places a pot of dry plants. Going on.

On his daily path, the young man encounters many situations. The vendor who is unable to lift her handcart will help her.

Hungry dog ​​who shares half of his food daily.

The girl who raises money to go to school. He gives her half of what is with him every day.

He is neither a saint nor a prophet..and sometimes he pauses for a moment to think about the feasibility of all of this, so the look of the dog’s eyes, the sympathetic eyes, stops him. Look at the girl hoping for a better tomorrow. Skilled Marin looks skeptical of what he's doing. Which definitely accuse him of madness.

The young man goes home every single day, leaving his seat on the bus to a exhausted girl standing, hanging some bananas at the door of his old neighbor .. He sits alone to eat his food.

Nothing in his life changes. Karma does not return to him with much money or positions as we expected. He never thanks anyone for what he does. But he continues to do so anyway.

Day after day, the dry, blooming plant blooms. The dog, who became his permanent friend, followed him, until his life began to take a different curve when he saw the same girl with dirty face and clothes sitting on the street to collect money. In school clothes. Clean .. beautiful .. tidy. She holds her bag on her back and stands before him for a moment .. For one moment, when time stops .. Tears his eyes without feeling ..

The looks of the skeptics around him turn into looks of appreciation..he is - this forgotten person..not known..not well-known..not appearing in the programs - has changed a whole life..a new future..a new world ..

His old neighbor surprised him with a warm hug. The plant infuses it with its fresh scent and the butterflies that hover around it. The girl in the bus exchanged admiration. His dog gives him pure love. And the little girl gives him a different taste to the world. A taste called happiness.

Has anything changed in this boy's life? Of course. The world has become a much more spacious place with just a few steps that did not cost him much. This young man did not stop at everything to analyze and taunt him .. He did not allow himself to dwell on thinking and question even the feasibility of all of this..He did, and to do the same, the effect of magic, no matter how small.

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