The Fantasy Zone

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I suppose this was the magnum opus of my 9th grade writing career. It's undated but it would have been from some time in 1989 or 1990.

The Fantasy Zone

"I still think you're crazy for accepting this stupid assignment to search for a so called 'fantasy zone'." Ray said as he stepped out of his compartment.

"Why?" Joe asked reaching for his long gray and red uniform. "You know there has been evidence found to support a theory for such a place."

"Magic is just not scientifically possible," Ray declared while reach for his slightly smaller uniform. "and the thought of really finding the fantasy zone is childish."

"Maybe so," Joe laughed leaning back in his chair. "but it's certainly better than our other assignment choice, which was to fly into a black hole!"

"I guess you're right," Ray admitted "but I still feel silly about it."

The year is 2105 A.D. Ray Stevenson and Joseph Jhonson have been assigned to the starship Nova to find a place called 'the fantasy zone'. The fantasy zone is supposedly a star system or a series of star systems that have a slightly different set of natural laws which allows for magic to be possible. The fantasy zone had never officially been found, and it was highly doubtful that such a place existed, however, there had been a few people who had claimed they had been to such a place. So the search went on.

After they had traveled about four days, they came upon the border of the pirate zone.

"I can't believe we're going to cross part of the pirate zone to find a place that probably doesn't exist anyway." Ray complained. "Besides, we have no weapons, so if we have to fight, we're in trouble."

"We won't have to fight, " replied Joe. "we'll just outrun them, or hide."

"How reassuring." Ray said sarcastically.

For several days, they had been fortunate. They had passed through most of the pirate zone without incident, and it would only be a few more hours before they would be clear, but their luck had run out.

"Uh, oh!" gulped Joe.

"What is it?" asked Ray.

"There's a whole fleet of pirate ships!" screamed Joe.

"We've got to get out of here fast!"

The steered their ship behind a small moon orbiting the last planet in the solar system.

"Just pray they didn't see us. Joe said.

As soon as the last ship had passed, the shot towards the border of the pirate zone.

"Oh, No!" screamed Ray.

"Now what?" Joe asked.

"There is some kind of ship chasing us, " Ray said staring at the radar screen. "and it's probably not too friendly."

They raced towards the edge of the solar system and the border with the enemy ship close behind. They finally made it to the border safely.

"We made it!" rejoiced Joe.

"And the pirate ship is turning back! yelled Ray turning away from the radar screen.

"And now onward, " Joe said pointing out a window, "towards the center of the galaxy, and hopefully to the fantazy zone."

They sped onward into space.

They journeyed onward for many days generally towards the center of the galaxy where the fantasy zone is thought to be. Their entire journey from then on was, for the most part, uneventful. Since they were entering an unexplored part of the galaxy, they didn't expect to meet anybody along the way, and they didn't.

As the travelers were about to start searching individual star systems, an unidentified ship approached them.

"That thing is huge!" Ray yelled.

The spaceship they were seeing was about twice the size of the planet Earth. It was drifting by and just suddenly vanished.

"Where did it go?!" Joe asked surprised.

"I don't know, but I say we get out of here, and fast!" Ray replied while fidgeting with the radar.

"Where's your sense of adventure?" asked Joe, gazing out the window.

"I left it at home, " Ray replied sarcastically. "Now come on; somebody else can have this mission."

"Still don't believe the fantasy zone exists?" asked Joe drumming his fingers on the instrument panel.

"I believe someone's trying to kill us!" Ray shouted in return.

"Well, we're not going to turn back now, " Joe said sternly "no matter what."

They continued on. They did, however, decide to explore one star system before leaving, the one in the exact center of the galaxy. They had no further problems until they reached their destination. However, jut before they passed the boundary into the solar system, an invisible force stopped them. They could not move forwards or backwards.

"What do we do now Mr. sense of adventure?" Ray yelled angrily.

"We wait." Joe replied, almost at a whisper.

They waited for a while, but nothing happened.

"I'm going to put the engines in full reverse and get us out of here." Ray said as he throttled the engines in full reverse.

"No!" screamed Joe. You'll get us both killed."

"Anything is better than just waiting for death!" Ray retorted.

"Well at least move us into the solar system, and not away from it! Joe pleaded.

"Are you crazy?!" Ray screamed, his hand still on the throttle. "That's prob..."

Suddenly the ship lurched forward, then backwards away from the star system, and came to a complete stop.

"Thanks God! Ray signed in relief. "Now we're getting out of here." He started for the controls.

"No!" Joe shouted. "If anything, we go back into the solar system.

"Are you crazy?!" asked Ray again, who was already starting to steer the ship towards the nearest base.

Little did they know, they had somehow drifted into the solar system while they were arguing.

"What the..." Ray started.

"What is it this time?" asked Joe.

"I hope you're happy now." Ray said. "We're back into the solar system and we can't get out."

"Well, since we're here..." Joe started with a smile.

"I know, I know." Ray interrupted. "'Let's Explore.'"

They scanned all twelve of the planets with their radar and decided that there were two planets that could possibly contain life of some kind.

The first planet they went to had no life. However, the second planet, the fourth planet in the solar system; did.

They orbited the planet and found that on this planet magic did exist. They examined the planet, which was about 1 1/2 times the size of the Earth, through a powerful telescope. They found on this planet many things that were considered fantasy on Earth. Things such as dragons and many other magical creatures. There were also people such as wizards. It was just like a medieval fantasy. It defied all natural laws. They had definitely found the fantasy zone.

They were still studying the planet when suddenly all power in the ship started fo fail.

"We've got to get out of here efore we lose all power." Ray said.

"I really wish I could visit this planet." Joe replied dreamily.

Suddenly, Joe disappeared off of the ship. Ray had just finished punching in the coordinates for the nearest base.

"Maybe one day, you..." Ray started to say as he turned around. Joe was not there.

Joe found himself in some sort of tavern. People dressed in armor over at one table were talking about adventures they had. About slaying orcs and even dragons. Joe stood just gazing into space for quite a while. His wish had come true. He was not unhappy. He could have many adventures in this world... if he stayed alive long enough.

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