Chapter two of my dad: love and chastisement

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Lately there have being some strange issues happening between my dad and my mom. It's nothing serious, it's also nothing close to a divorce. It's far from that. I will be discreet and won't go into the details as I still love my dad and mom dearly. We all know humans are prone to make mistakes, commit errs that are staggering and shocking but no matter the errs, love conquers all. As it is a reasonable saying that there's no perfect human anywhere. I concur.


There are many things I love about my dad. As I open my memory book, chapter by chapter. I love and dread the chapter two. Yeah.... I call this memory I recall right now "chapter two" cuz it's something that makes my dad amazingly amazing and extremely unique. As I write, I will unveil paragraphs of this great chapter bit by bit as my dad is a great man and will always remain a great dad till the day of my demise. I hope it remains like this forever till the mortality loop comes to an end.

There are dads and there are amazing dads. Mine ranks in the category of amazing dad if that's the highest hierarchy that exist in the ranking of a "5 STAR" rating for dads. The "Chapter two" of how I have him in my memory is something I would like to share. You see, I live in a country where the right type corporal punishment/chastisement to train a child in the right way is highly supported by bodies who oversee human/family abuse. Like the popular side-saying they uphold;

“Spare the rod and spoil the child” and “train up a child in the way he should go, so that when he is old, he won't depart from it”

These two sayings are highly upheld and come from a spiritual aspect but nonetheless bodies overseeing human/family abuse in any level will always frown at abuse or extreme corporal punishment/chastisement that emit devaluing of the human existence to animal level.

..............back to my dad...........

Chapter two of my dad

My dad is that type of person that gives polite warnings when any of his kids or my siblings go astray. I and my siblings sometimes think he would bite but he won't and when I mean "bite" — I mean offences that are worth chastisement are overlooked. For this I loved him more and more daily.

In that moment If I am the rogue child that has trespassed or broke one of the family rules, you would think he will spank me in the buttocks to make my reasoning and virtue straight again but I tell you, my dad will only dish out words of warning and implore me to heed to the rules. For a sec I would say to myself after I am forgiven, that;

"What type of man is this?",

"Does he have bad experience with strict discipline?"

"Why is his method of correction different from the neighboring dads?" etc

(All this experience is something I recall while growing up. When udezee was still a naive and stubborn kid.)

I was dazed at how he exhibit his method of correction. He compromised his standards many times without laying his finger of chastisement but I tell you, though he overlooked the errs, I didn't know my dad forgives and hardly forgets. XD.

It was this part that made me dread him later on like the popular proverb that says;

“The same teeth the dog uses to play, is the same teeth it uses to bite”

This was the model of my dad's rod. A playful and dreadful teeth.

Other dads in my compound would discipline their kids immediately they go astray but my dad would do the opposite. He will forgive all your 99 errs/disobedience for breaking one or more of the family rules or for doing something unprecedented that contradicts a good moral but at the 100th time he will convert his playful tooth to a ferocious one. XD.

He will chastise you for belittling his leniency and for being foolish. And during the process of chastisement he will fuse in it those punishment he compromised and give you the full package of 100 punishment.

You see how deadly his chastisement method was? The 99 times he forgave you and didn't chastise. On the 100th offence, he will give you a punishment full of 100 rods. Lol.

This was what made my dad special. He spared the rod and at the same time trained his kids in the way they should go.

When I discovered his method of chastisement. All I did was to make sure I never commit the 100th mistake. Lol. So as not to drink from his cup of wrath. And In the compound were we lived this was what made my dad the coolest and the dreadest of all dads. He believed;

"Mistakes/errs is human but repeating them is foolishness"

Now that I reflect and remember this experience I call "Chapter two" — I laugh at all the childish atrocities I and my siblings did indulged in both the ones that merit the need of iron hand and the ones that were forgiven — I pray that my dad tarries till old age and eats from all the fruits of his labour.

Love you old man. Much love from this side❤️💙❤️

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