Crude visions

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In a vision I had during the crescent moon

I heard a very loud wailing

The voice cried for vengeance

The sight of this happened at noon

For the ones who fell

Unjustly in the sand of war

After the mute sound of war bells.

The voice was full of anger

It relents not,

With every day that breaks

And every night that emerged,

It craved for payback.

I've never seen a cry so loud,

Full of rage,

Immersed in vengeful blood

That seeks the pulling

Of the eyes from the ones

Who blinded the eyes

Of their fallen ones.

Even the sun wept

With the tears that flew

From this restless tears.

Albeit the day will come

When the grass will suffer no more,

For it will be the time

For the elephants to

Battle without a ground

So that the loud cry

Will be consoled

By divine intervention.

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