Pain in the ass

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Gradually the world is becoming a place were new innovation, change, science and technology knows no bound. It is evolving to a place of limitless invention from varying individuals, groups, organizations, countries and continents.The economic state is the mirror that reflects how good the effects of these change can be. In most developed countries such change are mostly in the level of technology, industrialization, GDP, capital income, education, security, infrastructure and class of government which don't struggle much to give it's citizens the best. However, not everyone will get satisfied but to a certain degree quality will always standout.

Compared to developing countries, most struggle when it comes to gradual change in industrialization, GDP, per capital income, infrastructure, standard of living, honest government etc. There are some things that happen in developing countries that can never happen in developed countries. There are some crimes that can be dealt with in developed countries but in developing countries perpetrators will go home scot free like nothing ever happened. Amongst the array of issues likely common in both categories of country, there's one that troubles the average man. In this side of the world were I live it is becoming rampant and that's the "SALES OF SUBSTANDARD PRODUCTS" -- a pain in the ass.

Fake product is a pain in the ass

Few days ago, a good friend of mine was disheartened at a product he purchased from the market. His laptop charger got spoilt, so he opt to get a new one as most of his blockchain activities happen through his PC. He's not the type that loves using his mobile phone to access the crypto space.

He bought the fake charger at the estimated worth of $6 but the worst happened. Few days after using it, this substandard product burnt his CPU. Damn he was frustrated. He was mad at the situation. The repair to fix his CPU cost him a higher amount than the substandard charger he bought. He had to spend more than $90 just to fix his CPU. Sad.

This incident leads to this quote.

“I am not rich enough to buy cheap things” — Late Dr. Irene Arkhurst


I agree with Dr. Irene Arkhurst. Many would think Dr. Irene is talking about not having sufficient money to buy cheap commodity but in essence, what he is basic saying is that he's not rich enough to buy substandard things.

You know, no matter how rich you are. No amount of money you budget can make a low quality product serve you well. It's either those commodity or services perish on time or damage other things you use them with and make you spend more on repairs or fixing.

I wish some traders and people who involve themselves in any buying and selling sparsely indulge in substandard goods and services. That thing is a pain in the ass. That moment when you think "Oh, I finally saved some money to buy this commodity" — that's when you get disappointed at the low quality purchased and circulating in the market.

The frustrating part is most cheap or low quality things at first will look so genuine. It's hard to detect until it starts malfunctioning. The duration hardly matchs the guaranty date.

I feel so sad about sellers who don't have good conscience of business ethics. They don't know each goods and services rendered to the public in standard quality will always make the globe a better place. Admittedly, in most developed countries it is pretty easy to report such sellers to authority that punish substandard suppliers.

That's why developed countries flourish. There are laws that combat fake and substandard commodities. Who will ever dare to sell something so harmful to the pubic? Knowing fully well, once he/she is caught, they might face jail term and get all their legal/illegal assets confiscated.


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Fake commodity things are too expensive. Expensive for the bad things they lead to happen to us. Cheap things sometimes are very expensive is a saying of my country. Have a nice day and say no to copy and piracy. Greetings from Argentina.

Thanks for stopping by buddy. I hope people involved in it shake themselves out of the fever of such appalling act. Greetings from Africa 💙

I guess, as with everything in life: "You get's what you pay for" as the saying goes √ $trdo

True. My friend. Thanks for stopping by.

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