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Emotions are feelings that can be impulsive, influencial, addicting, controllable and strong. It only exist in animate things. In both man and animal. It is beautiful to have varying sensation of feelings. Anger, love, lust, sadness, grief, sorrow, happiness, joy, temptation, madness etc. They shape the kind of personality we are.

But there's this emotion that puzzles my mind. As I get older I somehow develop them, in fewer cases it has happened subconsciously and in other situations it happened with me knowing but anyways majority of this repetitive emotion died stillbirth. One thing lead to another and it got less interesting and boom.... the chapter closes.


This feeling that puzzles my mind is universal and experienced everywhere in both young and old. It is the greatest of all. If true. Infact it is one of the emotions needed for starting a family. At this stage of reading, If you are curious. The line "starting a family" should give you a clue. There's no need to stress your thoughts. The emotion is called LOVE.

They say love and infatuation share a bit of similarities but the big difference is that love is not obsessive while the latter is. The latter is filled with lust and obsession. What puzzles my mind is how the human mind sees an opposite sex and after having random or frequent contact with them and in an instance after sometime will develop feelings of strange affections.

In some unlikely situations, the dangerous part is the person they develop the feelings for won't even feel the same. The more the closure, the more the opposite gender sees them as a best friend for life. This type of experience hasn't happen to me yet. It happened to a good friend of mine.

My friend James met this unique person, they kept bumping into each other on different occasion and sometimes on purpose. Shit happened and my buddy's emotions bloomed into love. James struggled with pain. He can't express how he truly feels and now someone else has felt the same way my friend feels but the only difference is that, this other fellow has mount up courage to tell the person he loves how they truly feel. Now the person my friend loves is seen as a BFF while the buddy who expressed how he felt is been taken into consideration for a real relationship. Lol.

I have learnt a new lesson in life. If you love something. Be bold and say it. Thanks for reading.

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I have learnt a new lesson in life. If you love something. Be bold and say it.


High "hmmmmm" 😒

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