Strange things that happen in the world of men.

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"The world of men" is a figurative saying among the locals in my region. The subjective meaning built it's succinct interpretation from the decisions of men in my local community so as to evaluate their moral identity after relative incidents of their life lessons. It is something people in my community say when they see a man trying to make a difficult decision in the face of stern challenges as whether to go to the left or go to the right in order to slam the true picture of their moral identity on them.


The world of men, O world of men, O world of men...!!! Is a place different from the physical realm. This particular world I speak of exists in the intellectual, philosophical and most importantly the moral domain of a man. You can't see it internally but only through displayed actions which is only external.

In this world of men... a lot of things happen there. In there you will find decisions — decisions like; the life changing ones, the deceitful ones, the cunning ones, the impactful ones, the resilient ones, the long term ones, the subjective ones, the objective ones, the risky ones, the destructive ones, the bad ones, the inconclusive ones, the retarded ones and the uncertain ones etc.

Each decision in the world of men are instruments that can glorify or tarnish a fellow man.

To elucidate more on the figurative term "the world of men" — permit me to share the life experience of a stranger.

shadows of a stranger

A young man in his mid 20's finished his elementary school in the year 2012. He later tried to further his education into the tertiary Institution but all move to pass the required exams was abortive. There was nothing he didn't do in his power to transcend into an undergraduate, at the end it was all in futility.

After countless trials with different annual exams, he give up to try again another time. It was during this time he took a break from the trials of gaining an admission into the university and went in search of acquiring a skill; a vocational skill he could fall back to if things don't go as plan later on in the future.

Apart from this setback of getting admitted into the university, he was fair and handsome in appearance. He had a good physique and got all the ladies tripping in the community. Normally young men in his age usually like to enjoy life by flirting or exploiting ladies who develop a crush on them but nay... this young man was focused and saw these ladies as distractions and didn't stray with this life into that direction. He was focused and determined not to mess up his life flirting around.

But a day came, when temptation appeared with the force of powerful seduction. In the past when variety of young girls raced towards him so that they could persuade him to enjoy both themselves by having "sex" which he always refused, he never gave in into their misdirecting invitations but not this time as the person who broke his well upheld principles prevailed with ease.

She was beautiful, had innocent eyes, had rosy cheeks, had good body shape, had a dashing smile, was intelligent, rich and always spiffy in outfit.

How a relationship was kindled I don't know, all I know is how it was incited. A day came when I was outside chilling with a friend in the streets; in a blink of an eye; I saw how this beautiful lady vigorously wiggled both left and right with her curved ass in front of this decent young man. In the past, things like this never moved him but when I gazed into his eyes, I could see him struggling to stray away from this girl as I was present but seated few proximity from this strange sight and observed only.

After sometime, she passed the second time and approached the guy for him to help her do something on her phone and one thing led to another; intimate things happened between them as their news spread so fast that he later impregnated this young lady.

When the information came across to me, I wasn't surprised as I could reflect on the day the "world of men" was let loose to bring shame.


Thanks for reading.

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