Music Community #Xmasmusic Party

Combining the xmasmusic week dailies for a party

As announced on @musicgeek please join our music community and support the party event initiative of the week explained below:

Join us for some Christmas Dance posts within the Music community
The tags we created for this below - do not forget to subscribe to the music community here before posting:

We are looking forward to all of you music enthusiasts on the Steem blockchain. Use #xmasmusic as well if you like.

Monday Trance by @andyjaypowell
Disco Tuesday by @musicgeek
Wednesday House by @andyjaypowell
Rap Thursday by @flipstar
Techno Friday by @neutronenkind
Danceweekend by @uwelang

Disco anyone? Bee Gees make you party?

Come on Steemians - don't be lazy !

Music Community - are you ready for a Dance Party!????

Come one and engage with your dance vibes - I am voting all comments that add great party tunes. I start with techno, house and dancefloor beats of course but feel free to add whatever you like - can be:

  • Rap
  • Hip Hop
  • Dubstep
  • Funk
  • Disco
  • Latin
  • Pop
  • K-Pop
  • Country
  • Folk
  • Breakbeat
  • Acid
  • Swing
  • Rhumba
  • Polka

As you can see - all open - no need to be electronic music if you do not like - let us all have one - every individual shall enjoy!

Don't we all want to have fun on a xmas week?

Anyone has different music preference - I love that. I want us to be a community of music lovers, no matter what style or what skills we have. Do not think in silos but let us enjoy our time here in the steemit music community together. Who is first to add cool music in the comments?

Check more Dance Genres

In the following some other Party Music - different genres all the way (rap, country, rhumba, lambada - but add more Steemians!) - let me know which style you like most - Hivemind is live - music community will be one of the strongest here moving forward.

Add Your Music below guys! I want the Party to last until New Year's evening and might update or even handle live music carpets.

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here one for the #xmasmusic! 🎄🎧

Great you are starting hive-193816!! (i think it will be the biggest one)
cheers 🤠

und a little bit of hive-193816 !BEER 🙂

Thanks my friend. Not sure it will be the biggest one, I doubt it but appreciate the support and nice words!

Hey @uwelang, here is a little bit of BEER from @reiseamateur for you. Enjoy it!

It has to be Night Fever or ... Staying Alive. :-)