A Brief History of the Yang Gang - Draft

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Joe Rogan Experience

Andrew Yang's campaign raised $ million in

The Economist listed Andrew Yang as the Democratic candidate polling at top 5th.


Dr Jason Johnson, a @msnbc journalist, criticized Andrew Yang for "having a large base of White Supremacist supporters" and "his policies will not help minorities".


Yang (v): To convince someone that @AndrewYang is the right person for US President. Continuous tense: yanging. Past tense: yanged.

Yang (numeral): The quantity of 1000.

Yang Gang: People who will definitely vote for @AndrewYang in primaries and Presidential Election.

Yang Ganger: A member of the Yang Gang.

Yang Out: To hang out with members of #YangGang.

Yangphoria: The delightful feeling one experiences when encountering a fellow Yang Ganger in the wild.

Yangsanity (n): The mental state of being obsessed with everything @AndrewYang.

Yangsomnia: The condition of being kept awake by the adrenaline from all the rallies, podcasts, and donation.

Yangtionary: The dictionary of every vocabulary associated with @AndrewYang.

The Economics of Stereotyping

Do NOT work under a woman.
Do NOT rent your house to the Blacks and Hispanics.

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