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I was only 4 or 5 years old when my parents taught me how to read. Way sooner than other kids my age. I never asked them why, but I'm grateful they did so. Books have been such dear friends for the biggest part of my life.

By the time I was 10, I read everything I could get my hands on. I didn't really care about stories, nor characters. I just loved to see letters turn into words, words turn into sentences. My mum used to tell me that she often asked me what I had read when I finished another book. "Letters", was my standard answer. It had become a habit to read extremely fast... too fast for most of the stories to stick to me.

By the time I was 16 or 18, I had learned to enjoy a good storyline, mainly thanks to the number 1 author on my list. While my human friends started to explore social life by going to parties, you could always find me in my room, reading. Exploring other worlds, getting to know loads of people - the characters in my books.

When I finally started partying, I must have been 20 or so, I went all the way. For almost 15 years, books were replaced by parties, music and drugs. I maybe read a handful during that time. One of those being the only non-fiction book I've read in my entire adult life, but also the one that changed my entire perspective: "The Healing Power of Illness" by Ruediger Dahlke & Thorwald Dethlefsen, in which the authors explain that illness is not a demon, but a guide to inner work.

These last couple of years, books have reclaimed a place in my life again. And these last couple of months, I really enjoy reading again. The main reason for that is that I've finally quit my amphetamine addiction. After all those years, I'm not in a rush anymore, I don't have the urge to keep busy all the time, so there is time to read. And I must say, I simply love it.

When I saw this month's topic for the @yourtop3 contest - your 3 favorite authors - I was excited. Finally something I could work with. Or so I thought.
A couple of days later, I still didn't know which authors to put in 2nd or 3rd place. Except for my number 1, I don't really have favorite authors. I have favorite books, or series... but not authors.

So, as a result, number 2 and 3 are based on a single series I've read.

My Favorite Authors - Number 3:

Jean M. Auel


When a friend of mine first told me about the Earth Children-series, I refused to start reading. I mean, a series of historical fiction novels was not really the style I preferred to read. I was all into horror at the time, and I couldn't imagine a story taking place 30000 years ago would interest me.

Years later, I ended up reading them anyway. I had read another prehistoric novel I really liked, and decided I'd give the series a go.

What started with The Clan Of The Cave bear (first book) became an awesome adventure and I read all 5 books one after another. It was one of the best series I ever read. 10 years after I finished all, part 6 was released. And I loved it just as much as the other 5.

clan of the cave bear.PNG

An incredible amount of research has gone into those books. Auel joined survival classes and learned primitive ways to make fire, tan leather and so much more from world renown experts. I can only admire her dedication to the topic and her books.

My Favorite Authors - Number 2:



When I met my ex-husband, he was crazy about Tolkien. When we moved in together, he had nothing, except for his copies of The Hobbit and The Lord Of The Rings.
I was 19, and still madly in love with books, so I spent the first couple of days in our first apartment reading.

I finished The Hobbit in no time. The Lord Of The Rings... well, let's say that my habit of reading very fast didn't really help me. Every couple of pages I had to go back and re-read everything. I experienced the books as very complicated. Right after I finished it, I started again. This time, I managed to fall in love with Middle Earth and all of its creatures.

I don't really know a lot about Tolkien as an author. Only that he wrote one of the most amazing books I've ever read.

My Favorite Authors - Number 1:

Stephen King

stephen king.jpg

Like I said in the intro: I don't really think in terms of authors, more in terms of books, but Stephen King is my one and only exception.

I adore the guy, and have read about 99% of what he has written. The other 1% is still on my to-do list. His books have taught me to enjoy the story, to feel related with the characters in it, to get completely lost in the world of imagination.

I've heard people who got confused by his tendency to switch to another part of the story in every new chapter. For me, that keeps things interesting. I love how he can start with a zillion completely different characters, and somehow make them come together in the end.

I still remember the day we met. I was 16, and my dad decided to move to this tiny little village, far away from everything. Every two weeks, I spent a weekend over at his place. There was absolutely nothing to do in the village, but it had a pretty big library. Needless to say I spent loads of time there.

On my first weekend there, I came across 'It'. After only 2 chapters I knew I had found two new loves. It was the beginning of a beautiful romance with both Stephen King and the horror genre, which I both still cherish today.

I think I read nothing but Stephen King books during the next year. I just couldn't get enough. After a while, I knew my way around Castle Rock and Derry as if they were my home town, lol. I read and re-read, over and over again.
I started to adore King. I still do. Up until today, I still haven't found another author who comes even close to the Master of horror.

I buy all my books second-hand and I don't really care about them, but my Stephen King/Richard Bachman collection is like the holy grail. I buy every book new, as soon as it is released, and there's no way I would ever think about getting rid of them somehow.

I must admit it saddens me a bit that King doesn't write real horror anymore. These last couple of years, I read his books, and I do enjoy them, but there's always a bit of disappointment when I'm done. I really miss Pennywise, Gage, Cujo, Christine and so many other characters that gave me the creeps.

Unfortunately, for horror these days, I need to turn to Dean Koontz and James Herbert, but they never get to the King-level. I guess no one ever will...

This was my entry for the @yourtop3 January challenge.

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Ah, @simplymike!

A great selection and yes, I've read some Stephen King - but not for years. Auel: I think I must seek her out. And Tolkein: well, you've met Gandalf our grey cat, I think, so you know my penchant for his work!

Great entry!

I'm looking up the book that you mentioned, The Healing Power of Illness. It might just be good for someone I know, so thank you for sharing that one.

The first author you mentioned, look at the artwork on the covers of those books! They are just stunning! They really look like something I want to get into.

Thank you for sharing those ones too! This is exciting stuff :D

glad you liked my picks :0)

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Funny thing, I grew up in a similar situation but I was very resistant to reading. I remember one book titled "Secret Seven" about a bunch of kids and stuff, can't even remember the story.

Personally, I just preferred reading short articles and stuff.

Yessss! So glad you made it in with a post this month. You and Fiona were the ones I was really hoping would bring something to the communal library this month. ;) We've talked about King enough to know we're kindred spirits in our adoration of his work, but I also loved the Auel series! I actually don't think I ever got back to the last book, but now I want to start back over from The Clan of the Cave Bear and read them all through again. I think I was in high school when I read most of those, but I remember being totally caught up in the characters and the scenes that she set. Tolkien I need to go back to, as well, as I don't think I ever gave him my full attention. So many books...I better get to reading!

  ·  last year (edited)

Best things is, @plantstoplanks, that the last book in the Earth Children series is written in such a way that you don't even need to re-read all the previous books.
I mean, I read the first 5 books in 2000 or 20001. The last one was published in 2011. I decided to give it a try without re-reading part 1 to 5, and I was sucked right in again. It was like I had never left.

My girlfriend only read all books in 2011. She read all 6, one after another, and she told me that the last one has a lot of references, and reminders/info that is repeated (I can't think of the right word), which is actually a bit annoying if you have only just read the first 5, but it explains why I never had the feeling that I missed parts of the story because I forgot them over the years.

When I've finished the SK books I still need to read, I think I'm going back once again to the lives of Ayla and Jondalar.

Although.... I just found out that the book I read that convinced me to start reading Clan Of The Cave Bear - another prehistoric novel that I liked so much - is part of a series too. I only read the first part, so maybe it is worth to read the other parts too.
The question is, will I still like it after reading the Earth Children-series? Lol, only one way to find out.

It was Circles Of Stone, by Joan Lambert.
Just now, I see that it's part one in the 'The Mother People'-series.
There are two more books in the series:

  • Circles in the Sky
  • Ice Burial

Might be worth giving them a try.

I'm so glad that at one point, I ignored all my prejudice about The Clan Of The Cavebear being a prehistoric novel. I'm now trying to convince others, but they all have the same prejudice, hahaha.

Oooh, good to know about the last book. I may just pick that one up and jump right in then. I do have so many ones on the list to read now that I probably don't need to spend too much time re-reading ones I've already tackled, haha. Might have to check out the other series at some point, as well. I have a box of old books I need to bring to sell back to the second hand bookstore, at least I'll have a list of new ones to replace them with!

Love to hear about your love affair with books and how you moved away from them but now are returning to read for the love of reading!
Great selection! thanks for sharing!

nice to know this about you. I love JRRT and we share love to S.King (I havent read all oh his books, tho. The Mist is one of my faves).

I've read The Mist in the form of a screenplay, which was pretty difficult to read. I'm not sure it is the only version, though - maybe there's a novel-version out there somewhere.

I have so many favorites, but - strange enough - the one that sticks to me most every time I read it is The Long Walk, a (pretty short) novel he wrote under the pseudonym Richard Bachman). It's not the creepiest, it's not the most complicated, but after reading it, it stays in my head for a week.
Wikipedia page of the book here

LOL, I just found out it was the very first novel he wrote. You learn something new every day :0)


Feel free to join, @qwerrie. If not this month, then the next one. Some nice prizes to be won, and - more importantly - the organizers and participants are a great bunch of people. Always welcome in the Discord server too :0)

thanks! maybe i will check this one, too.
as for 'the Mist' -- it was lucky to have a great interpreters, that did the Russian translation, that is 90% of the reason I like it so much, for sure.

Hey @qwerrie!

Maybe you'd like to enter as well! You have a few hours until the deadline (literally, the deadline is end of tomorrow 9th January) and there are steem prizes to be won. Here is the main post - with the leagues starting as well, it is a good chance to get some points on the board early on!

We even supply a post template to make it easier to enter. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

We hope to see your entry.

The Top3 Panel

thank you. very much, indeed. I will try to jump. for the love of the art.

Awesome! We'll keep a look out for it :D

Great Choices, I suspect this months top3 to be a close race.


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Yes @simplymike returns to the contest and with an inspired selection of authors to sink our teeth into - also felt the heart warming introduction you gave, feel like we've learnt more than just your favourite authors but a bit more about you too so thank you!

Some great choices of course and Stephen King has popped up a couple of times now.

Good luck in the first round of 2020! It's exciting!


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Glad to be a part of such a !DERANGED bunch ;0p

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