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December already? This year has flown by and we are going from strength to strength with each month. Before we start the next topic, we’d just like to say a big thank you to everyone who has delegated to @yourtop3 as we are now over the 8k SP mark! Woo woo! This means the prize pool is only getting bigger for those who enter and we have one more round of fun in store for the final contest of 2019!

This month, we’re asking you to get in the holiday spirit and “gift” us your Top 3 favourite festive films. Whether you enjoy the big guy in the red suit and his little elves, pull out the nativity scene, partake in the festival of lights, or celebrate in one of the many other ways this season, we’re sure you have some favorite movies that get you in the spirit! Not feeling so excited? There’s plenty to choose from for you Scrooges and Grinches, as well. Cartoon, clay, puppets, and even regular live action movies are all fair game!

Perhaps you have those family favourites that you just have to watch each year. Maybe putting on your pajamas and binge watching the Hallmark channel is your thing. Movies seem to always be a crowd-pleaser in past months, so we have no doubts all of you will show out with some amazing choices yet again!

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The Topic For This Round Is…Holiday Movies

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How To Enter This Jolly Contest

1 - Create a blog post with your top 3 nominations along with your reasoning behind them. Entry posts must have a minimum of 250 words total. The #yourtop3 tag MUST be the first tag used

2 - Put a link to your blog in the comments section of this blog.

3 - Set your post payout to 50/50. You keep the SP and then transfer the STEEM and/or SBD (whichever is paid out at the time) to @yourtop3 with a link to your blog post entry in the transfer memo. This is the minimum entry fee, but you can add as much as you like to it! The more you add, the more you can win.There is no maximum entry fee.

Not sure how to find your post payout? Look in your Steem Wallet under Author Rewards to find the exact payout for your post. In the example below you would send the 0.014 SBD and 6.587 STEEM over to the @yourtop3 account as your entry fee. We’ll take it from there and convert all of the prize pool to SBD for easy prize distribution at the end of the month!


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The deadline for submitting is the 9th

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Any Questions? Join Our Discord Server!

We have our very own Discord server where you can ask us any questions about the contest to our Panel and engage with your fellow contestants! Bragging about previous victories accepted ;) Join the fun here where there’s even more chances to win with Top 3!

Creating Your Entry Post

You are welcome to create your own post but for your convenience we have created two different templates. The first one; a more complex version, contains some markdown/html coding creating a nice table for you to edit. The second template; for those of you not familiar with markdown/html coding, is a simpler version. In both templates, we’ve highlighted in red text where you need to edit.

  • The table version can be found here

  • The basic version can be found here

How detailed you want to go is up to you but we know you can do better than “because I like it” 😉

Our Panel members may create their own post with their own top 3 but these will NOT be entered in to the contest. Instead they will be used to add to the prize pool for bigger prize payouts.

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What Happens Next?

The Panel will first review all submissions for eligibility.

Then all submissions will be put into a public dpoll.

Once the dpoll is complete, we’ll review the results and combine them with our scoring system before dishing out the prizes to the top 3!

The prizes get divided up by a combination of the final position (1st, 2nd and 3rd) and by the amount of entry fee given. 75% of the prize pool will be distributed to the top 3 places and the remaining 25% of the prize pool goes back to the Panel with the aim of growing the account and the potential prize pool for next month!.

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Good Luck!

Wishing you all the best of luck from all of us in the Your Top 3 Panel

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Awesome question as always.

Some specific festive films are already coming to mind.

I look forward to seeing all the entries and possibly even reading about a film I haven't seen yet.

Should be another fun round! Can't wait to see what everyone puts out. :)

Can the Champ finish the year on a high? There's plenty of great ones out there and looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with!

Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas is to retain my TOP3 Championship Status.

Kind Regards,

  • Rentmoney

Haha! Will have to see if you've been a good little boy or not 😁

Boosting the signal with a...

@tipu curate

You're the best Traci! Thanks for the support!

Well that's pretty badass, thank you Queen of the gifs!

I'm excited! I want to see all the favorites. And I definitely have some to share!

Yay! Looking forward to yours!

Awesome Jayna! Can't wait to see what you come up with too, going to be a festive bonanza!

Yeaaaa buddieeeees! Another cool contest on the way and a great way to see out the end of the year Top 3 style!

Can't wait to see what every one comes up with!

Woo! Awesome choice guys. Well, all of the contests have been awesome.

Glad you're excited about this one, too!

Thanks a lot tryskele! Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!


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Oh noo.... i deteste festive films.
What happened to the vintage toy-idea?

Don't you worry your little gin infested socks, we have plans for many topics and cool things in #2020vision

Simplyebeneezer over here 😝


I created an entry post forgot to set to 50/50 but will send the equivalent in liquid steem once it does payout. Gives me an excuse to buy more STEEM :)

Haha awesome man, no worries, I'll be swinging by to check out your post later on and steem is dirt cheap at the moment so hopefully it doesn't put you too much on the bread line!

Oh yes, a very good topic without a doubt!! although I am a little grinch by these dates I love Christmas movies, they are beautiful almost all! I hope to see very good entries! and see if this month I can win @rentmoney lol!

Haha well we hope you get to write a post before the fmbs Grinch mode is activated 😁

Yes who can knock the Champ off his throne? He's definitely laid down a marker!


Hey @fmbs25, here is a little bit of BEER from @rentmoney for you. Enjoy it!

Awesome! Just seen your post @tryskele!

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Beautiful @wiseagent! Thanks for that, I've just commented through the yourtop3 account on it and logged the entries!

Great to have you enter this month! Good luck in the contest!


Got mine posted just before midnight! Thank you so much for running this contest, @yourtop3!