Chelsea fan must be patient for Frank Lampard

in zzan •  11 months ago 


Frank Lampard has found a hard time to win matches in the Premier League.

Since that beginning of this seasons premier league, Frank Lampard's Chelsea side has found a hard time to win matches but every time you see the Chelsea side getting better and better.

See TAMMY ABRAHAM the 21 years among the top score can make you believe that at last Frank Lampard's Chelsea side has got a nature striker. This is very good for the team.
Like you always know that it is very hard for a football coach to find their first 11. This is what is happening to Frank Lampard at this time of the season.

This comes at a point when he wants to test the young team and when his best midfielder N'golo has an injury.

Chelsea fans we must be very patient pon Lampard. He may be a very good coach but do not expect much from him this season.

I will give us what we want from him next season.

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