Racism in football.

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I keep wondering why different plays are suffering from racism in European football. Every time a player with a black skin makes a mistake they suffer from racism.

It has become a very big habit is almost all the black player be abused by the racist about the clour of their skin.

In just this season players like Paul Pogba and Marcus Rashford have suffered similarly already this season in Man U.

Tammy Abraham also suffered racist abuse on social media following his penalty miss in the Super Cup final against Liverpool.

Last weekend Zouma in the scored 89th-minute was try to save Chelsea but it happens the goal went into his own net. This is a goal that was oldy in the net even if he did not touch the ball.

No defender would stop the goal from entering the nex but the English support could not see this. Other players have done this before but not critics like when it is done by a black player.

Lukaku was also called a monkey in Serie A game by the Cagliari fan where he managed to score one goal against that helped Inter Millan to win 1-2.

I continue asking my self why the black players are called Monkeys are we really monkeys.

Thanks to everyone who does not see us as monkeys.

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If blacks are monkeys then the white are bananas . And you know that monkeys like eating bananas alot, that is why blacks keep defeating white in football and other sports 😂😎

No players wants to play bad. Every player gets on the field with the expactation of playing well. At the end of the game, someone plays well and someone returnes home with frustration. That's the rule of the game. Every fan should accept it. I don't really support racism.

Mate. These are very isolated incidents but even so, is absolutely unacceptable. The clubs, police and league in the UK take these incidents very seriously. It is a criminal offence to use hate speech and racist abuse.
It does seem though that the problem is worse this season but at least the players are speaking up about it and creating extra publicity to show how bad it is.

What I can't understand is the majority of supporters see players as simply players. They get booed when they are bad, and cheered when they are good!

Take it easy my friend and don't let a few idiots spoil your enjoyment, there are wicked pieces of shit in all walks of life!

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